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Pain Points of Moving Data to the Cloud and Strategies for Success

The cloud is calling! Many are migrating. Today, enterprises migrate on-prem warehouses to multiplatform environments, such as cloud data warehouses and lakes. What could go wrong? 

Plenty. The more complex your data environment, the more challenging your migration. You need a carefully planned strategy, with an eye to potential pitfalls, to guarantee success. 

Hear Fern Halper, VP of research at TDWI, and Ibby Rahmani, director of product marketing at Alation, together in conversation with experts from Couchbase and Delphix. They share expert tips for cloud data migration, plus warnings on what to avoid. 

What You'll Learn:

  • Tips for accelerating enterprise cloud migration 

  • Best practices for security and availability, particularly around sensitive data 

  • Advice for creating a strategy supported by all key stakeholders 

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