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A Data Catalog Opens the Door to Open Data in San Diego

The City of San Diego’s unique approach to becoming a leader in open data

Open data started as an idea to create visibility into city operations and citizen data. The analytics team at the City of San Diego, led by Chief Data Officer Maksim Pecherskiy, took that idea and turned it into an actionable framework for accountability and community dialogue.

That is no small feat for a city with 11,000 employees and 35 separate departments all leveraging diverse sets of data and systems, including relational data residing in multiple databases, geospatial data and data from IoT devices, like smart parking meters. A data catalog played a critical in the City’s successful transformation.

In this webinar, Pecherskiy discusses the cultural and technological changes that his team took to drive the City's open data initiatives, including its award-winning StreetsSD initiative, and how the Alation Data Catalog has promoted greater transparency for citizens and city workers alike.

Access the webinar replay to learn about San Diego's innovative open data efforts.