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A Data Catalog Opens the Door to Open Data in San Diego

Explore the unique journey of the City of San Diego as it transforms into an open data leader, driven by Chief Data Officer Maksim Pecherskiy. With a workforce of 11,000 employees and 35 diverse departments, managing data from various sources presented a challenge. Join our webinar replay as Pecherskiy shares insights into the cultural and technological shifts that fueled San Diego's open data initiatives. Discover the pivotal role played by the Alation Data Catalog in promoting transparency for both citizens and city workers. Key Highlights:

  • Cultural Transformations: Learn how the City's team embraced cultural and technological changes for open data success

  • Award-Winning Initiatives: Dive into the specifics of the StreetsSD initiative and its impact

  • Alation's Role: Understand how the Alation Data Catalog contributed to transparency and accountability

Access the webinar replay now to gain valuable insights into San Diego's innovative open data journey. Don't miss out—watch it today!

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A New Step in Data Discovery and Trust: Introducing Alation

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