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How to Democratize Data Across an Organization

Distribute data across your organization to unlock its full potential

The data mandate is clear. Data is valuable and should be treated as a critical business asset. And yet, many organizations struggle to make data available across the enterprise where it can be leveraged to solve problems, make decisions, discover opportunities, and generate tangible business value. As a result, the ultimate goals of data use, like increasing profitability and reducing costs, fall short. But now, new technologies and methodologies have emerged that are making data democratization a reality.

Data Democratization is the ability to make valuable information accessible across the enterprise to a wide range of data consumers from analysts and data scientists to business users and subject matter experts. The goal of data democratization is to allow even non-specialists to self-serve — discover, understand, and analyze data without requiring outside help.

Watch the webinar to learn the opportunities and challenges associated with Data Democratization, the methodologies and technologies that are required to make Data Democratization a reality, such as Data Governance, Data Cataloging, Data Virtualization, and Data Science Desktops, and how leading organizations are successfully implementing data democratization.