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Exelon Utilities Data Catalog

How a leading Fortune 100 company uses data to put its customers first

Exelon Utilities is midway into a multi-year data analytics program. By delivering analytics-driven insights to more than 10 million customers, it will drive 3.1 terawatt hours of savings – enough to power 300,000 homes for a year. And that’s just the start.

To provide a superior customer experience, Exelon Utilities are transforming how they use data. By establishing a data catalog as part of a unique data publishing marketplace, Exelon Utility Analytics is leveraging internal and appropriate external data sources to arm data scientists, analysts, and subject matter experts with the information they need.

Learn from Yannis Katsanos, Head of Customer Data Science, how the Fortune 100 company is putting in place the people, processes, and technology foundation to create the energy company of the future. And, learn more about how the Alation Data Catalog supports agile stewardship.

Watch the webinar replay to take a deep dive into Exelon's approach to delivering data-driven insights to its customers.