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Ready for a Machine Learning Data Catalog?

Learn how to how to select a Machine Learning Data Catalog that is right for your organizations' needs

Data Catalogs are a new category of software solutions that are bringing value to self-service analytics by instilling trust in analytics.

Whether you are an analytics leader, enterprise architect or data governance professional, data catalogs can increase the productivity of your teams. But as with most new technologies, selecting a data catalog can be challenging. 

In early 2018, Forrester released the Forrester Wave™: Machine Learning Data Catalogs, Q2 2018 (MLDCs). This report describes the data cataloging market landscape, lists the key features and ranks vendor offerings relative to one another. 

The report’s author and our guest speaker Michele Goetz, principal analyst at Forrester discuss the trends that have led to the rise of Machine Learning Data Catalogs and how to select the data catalog that meets your needs. 

They cover:

  • How MLDCs demonstrate ROI in many cases within four weeks
  • Where data catalogs drive value - self-service analytics, data science, and data governance use cases
  • Why the combining machine learning AND collaboration features are critical to data cataloging success

Watch the webinar replay to take a deep dive into Machine Learning Data Catalogs and how to select the right solution for your organization.