Webinar On-Demand

Why an Effective Data Quality Program Includes a Data Catalog

Dive deep into the world of data quality in this enlightening Data Dialog featuring Sanjeev Mohan, a former Gartner analyst, and Peter Wang, Senior Product Manager at Alation. Discover the critical role data quality plays in enhancing the value of data catalogs and empowering users to make informed decisions.

What You'll Learn:

  • Insights from Sanjeev Mohan on the modern data stack and the evolving data quality market

  • How businesses can seamlessly integrate data quality metrics into their daily operations

  • The importance of freedom of choice in selecting data quality vendors

  • An introduction to Alation's groundbreaking Open Data Quality Framework by Peter Wang

Join us to gain valuable perspectives on maximizing the potential of your data through effective data quality integration. Watch the Data Dialog today to stay ahead in the evolving landscape of data management!