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The Catalog is the Platform

In this white paper, Alation unpacks how data intelligence ensures that BI and AI are fueled by trustworthy and reliable data. Download your complimentary copy now!

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Supplying trustworthy and reliable data to support BI and AI Initiatives 

Garbage in, garbage everywhere. Newfangled BI and AI tools are of little use when high-quality data is nowhere in sight. Many folks are drowning in bad data. Where do they look for hope?

Data intelligence can improve quality — and be your liferaft in a sea of dirty data. In fact, businesses have stopped “collecting all the diverse, distributed, and large-scale data into one common platform, [as] intelligence about the data becomes the platform.” (IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Data Catalog Software 2020 Vendor Assessment, 2020). 

But how does data intelligence work? Download this whitepaper to discover how data-catalog capabilities power data intelligence. They include: 

  • Broad functionality to support use cases (data governance, cloud transformation, privacy, risk & compliance) 
  • Intelligence to automatically surface context and remove manual effort 
  • Enterprise-grade capabilities (security, monitoring & management) 
  • Modern architecture 

Get your complimentary copy of this white paper now.