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How to Evaluate a Data Catalog

This new guide on How to Evaluate a Data Catalog explains why the data catalog is emerging as the best platform for data intelligence. Read it now!

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The Five Aspects to Look for in a Successful Data Catalog Initiative

Despite big investments in big data and AI, enterprises struggle to create data culture. To overcome these challenges, more and more enterprises are turning to data catalogs for data search & discovery, collaboration and analysis, and curation and data governance. Gartner has called data catalogs a “must-have" for data and analytics leaders.* But not all data catalogs are created equal. 

This guide will examine the five aspects needed for a successful data catalog initiative: intelligence, collaboration, guided navigation, active data governance, and broad, deep connectivity. And, explain why the data catalog is emerging as the best platform for data intelligence. 

Download the guide to learn how to examine a data catalog and drive data culture. 

*Augmented Data Catalogs: Now an Enterprise Must-Have for Data and Analytics Leaders by Ehtisham Zaidi and Guido De Simoni, 12 September 2019