The Catalog is the Platform

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The Catalog is the Platform white paper

Garbage in, garbage everywhere. Newfangled BI and AI tools are of little use when high-quality data is nowhere in sight. Many folks are drowning in bad data. Where do they look for hope?

Data intelligence can improve quality — and be your liferaft in a sea of dirty data. In fact, businesses have stopped “collecting all the diverse, distributed, and large-scale data into one common platform, [as] intelligence about the data becomes the platform.” (IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Data Catalog Software 2020 Vendor Assessment, 2020). 

But how does data intelligence work? Download this whitepaper to discover how data-catalog capabilities power data intelligence. They include: 

  • Broad functionality to support use cases (data governance, cloud transformation, privacy, risk & compliance) 

  • Intelligence to automatically surface context and remove manual effort 

  • Enterprise-grade capabilities (security, monitoring & management) 

  • Modern architecture 

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