Eckerson Market Landscape Report: Data Governance Platforms

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“[Alation offers a] rich array of features out of the box—more than most other vendors we’ve examined.”

Data-driven organizations know that the data doesn’t drive itself, especially when it’s fragmented, stored in scattered silos, in need of privacy and security, and riddled with errors

Eckerson’s Market Landscape Report: Data Governance Platforms explores how to embrace a holistic approach to data governance that unites the most critical factors — people, policies, and tools, to name a few — to not just manage data, but to create a culture of data governance from the ground up.

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  • The challenges and success factors involved when launching a data governance program

  • The elements of a comprehensive data governance framework

  • A 16-criteria evaluation of leading data governance platforms, including Alation’s, which “supports nearly all the components in Eckerson Group’s data governance platform framework.”

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