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Data cataloging best practices from industry analysts, experts, and Alation customers

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Get this best practice report to learn the benefits of a unified platform, from faster speed to insight to improved performance & scalability. Download today.
Data governance doesn't have to be hard. Learn how a data catalog supports smarter governance processes, and how automation helps.
The Q3 2021 Alation State of Data Culture Report reveals the progress enterprises have made in building a data culture. This report also examines the consequences organizations experience from ignoring data.
DataOps, powered by data intelligence, ensures your data processes get better with time. Learn how these two elements catalyze success.
Leaders within financial services organizations are seeking to use data to drive innovation, create better customer experiences, and improve compliance. How can they achieve this? Two key elements are needed: access and knowledge. Download the datasheet to learn more.
The Alation Data Catalog enables Active Data Governance, which accelerates a program’s time to success. This foundational course supports modern Data Governance with an active, non-invasive focus, and demonstrates the Alation Data Catalog’s impressive performance when supporting Data Governance initiatives. Learn More.
Your data landscape is always changing, and so must your approach to data governance. Download the whitepaper now to learn how a data catalog can modernize data governance while wringing more value from your data.
In this online event, Guest Speaker and Research Director at Forrester, Gene Leganza, shares Forrester’s latest research on the state of the data governance market and the next steps organizations can take to align people, process, and technology to make data governance a business enabler. Watch today.
Moving data to the cloud is like moving to a new home across the country: a lot can go wrong. Join this session to learn how data governance can make your journey to the cloud less difficult. Register today.
With its new Data Governance App and Active Data Governance Service Offering, Alation brings active data governance into the mainstream. But how do the app and offering work? Join this session to hear from Alation experts on how these together accelerate your data governance initiatives. Register today.
In enterprises everywhere, budgets are wasted, and governance leaders struggle to realize success. How can they lead a governance initiative that’s good for the business?  In this expert panel, we will discuss the issues with legacy approaches to data governance and why a non-invasive, active approach is superior. Register Now.
The Data Governance App improves cloud governance & security, automates tedious tasks, and ensures continuous improvement. See this fact sheet to learn how active governance can help your business.
Successful governance starts with people. See how our Service Offering aligns people, processes, and technology to kickoff a governance program that gets better with time.
To many, data governance is synonymous with failure. In the past, governance initiatives have failed to engage people meaningfully. Download the full report now to learn how to implement a better, people-first approach to data governance.
Data governance can deliver high-quality, trusted, and compliant data, which is why data leaders are pursuing governance initiatives. They need an effective means to make it a part of their process. Download the full report now to learn how to implement a better, people-first approach to data governance.
Download the full report to see why Alation achieved the highest scores possible on 18 criteria, including data discovery & access, data governance management, solution vision, planned enhancements, and innovation roadmap.
An inaugural research report from GigaOm ranks the top nine catalogs on 10 core criteria and evaluation metrics. This report is a can't-miss overview of the market for those considering a data catalog solution.
The Q2 2021 Alation State of Data Culture Report reveals the progress enterprises have made in building a data culture. This report also examines the strong link between data culture and revenue gro
The 2021 Wisdom of Crowds® Data Catalog Market Study focuses on the requirements for creating, governing and locating relevant content for analysis within business intelligence solutions. Read it now!
En este webinar, Adrián Quilis, director senior de Business Intelligence de MercadoLibre, describirá el camino hacia la democratización de datos de su organización. ¡Vea hoy!
Lors de ce webinar Sébastien Cognet de Privitar et Sébastien Gelot de Alation vous expliqueront comment rendre un accès fluide et en libre-service pour bâtir un processus d’approvisionnement des données moderne.
Hear how Fifth Third Bank moved from a command-and-control governance approach to non-invasive — and reaped the benefits. Bob Seiner will speak to data governance’s evolution, with an eye to what’s next. Watch today!
Hear Fern Halper, VP of research at TDWI, and Ibby Rahmani, director of product marketing at Alation, together in conversation with experts from Couchbase and Delphix, as they share expert tips for cloud data migration, plus warnings on what to avoid.
Joint case study by Alation and Snowflake explores the current challenges with the insurance industry and shows how Texas Mutual Insurance Company leverages a joint solution.
Adding your Snowflake data sources is a breeze with Alation. This video walks you through the process, and shares curation tips along the way.
Catalog users benefit from increased security when making user-account connections in Snowflake. In this video, you'll learn how to configure the Snowflake datasource to use built-in Snowflake OAuth.
Joint brief by Alation and Snowflake offers an 8-step methodology for enabling data governance with a data catalog and data warehouse.
Data migration and governance are easy with Alation & Snowflake. These videos show you how to tackle these tasks with confidence.
Watch this webinar with Howard Dresner, Founder and Chief Research Officer at Dresner Advisory Services to learn about the challenges and opportunities with data intelligence across today’s hybrid cloud environment and more. Watch Today!
Dresner details cloud computing for business intelligence in 2021 with global survey data from business leaders.
The third Alation State of Data Culture Report reveals the progress enterprises have made in building a data culture. This report also examines AI initiatives and challenges, and found that companies most likely to hit revenue goals boast top-tier data cultures.
Hear John Gilbert, data governance manager at Cbus, talk about how his team is leveraging Alation to democratize data across their diverse data landscape. Watch the webinar.
In honor of International Women’s Day, Alation hosted a very special edition of Women Who Catalog with Michelle Hoiseth, Chief Data Officer of Parexel, and Alation CMO Tracy Eiler. Watch the webinar to learn about the unique challenges of being a female leader in the data field.
Data governance expert Bob Seiner unpacks its evolution in this 14-page eBook. Learn different approaches, tips for data stewardship, and the role of the data catalog in activating your data governance program.
Hear Forrester's Michele Goetz and Alation's Aaron Kalb discuss actionable insights into leveraging machine learning data catalogs (MLDCs) as the central platform for use cases and users across the enterprise. Watch today.
“Alation gives us the visibility to contend with the enormous amount of data our business generates, prioritizing our stewardship efforts and applying data policies at scale to all of our data sets.”
Markus Schmiderger, Director of Data Technology at Scout24
“You must understand what data you have, how it is being used today, and how it will be used in the future before you can move forward with cloud migrations and technological decisions.”
Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D., Founder, Boulder BI Brain Trust
Hear Donna Burbank, director of global strategy at Data Global Strategy Ltd, together with Ibby Rahmani, director of product marketing at Alation, to review the most popular trends in data architecture for 2021. Watch the webinar Today.
If you are responsible for your company’s migration to the cloud, this webinar is for you. Watch the webinar to hear Claudia Imhoff discuss a data-driven approach to cloud migration!
In this webinar, Aaron Kalb, co-founder and CDAO at Alation, dives into the role of technology in shaping culture and show how a modern data catalog is helping innovative enterprises create thriving data cultures.
In this report, learn about the current and future data governance strategies and best practices for implementing a modern data governance program. Download your complimentary copy.
In this report, learn about the evolution from traditional BI and data management to more modern business analytics based on an updated data stack increasingly based on cloud platforms. Download your complimentary copy.
In this report, learn why organizations that have been using a data lake for two years are more satisfied with their deployment results than those who have been using them for less than two years. Download your complimentary copy.
The second Alation State of Data Culture Report assesses the progress enterprises have made toward creating a data culture, provides the latest results of the Data Culture IndexTM, and sheds light on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected data professionals.
In this webinar, Alation’s Mitesh Shah, VP of product marketing, gives an in-depth look at the five aspects that every data catalog must have. Watch Today!
In this Webinar, Alation, the industry’s leading data catalog provider, and Grandview Analytics, a leading integration and data strategy consultancy, will discuss how to create a strategic framework that embraces data accessibility and data governance to help drive data culture.
Hear Stewart Bond, research director at IDC, and Aaron Kalb, chief data & analytics officer at Alation, discuss how the pandemic is changing how enterprises approach data & analytics.
Hear Himali Kumar, director of data management at AutoZone, discuss how they are working to reduce the time data consumers spend searching for data to improve customer experience.
According to Gartner, a one-size-fits-all approach to governance cannot deliver the value, scale and speed that digital business demands". In this research Gartner report, learn how data and analytics leaders can adopt an adaptive governance model aiding success in their digital business initiatives.
Alation Named a Leader in Machine Learning Data Catalogs in The Forrester Wave™: Machine Learning Data Catalogs. Download the full report to see why Alation received the highest possible scores in 26 criterias, including the strategy category and in the machine learning criterion. 
Salesforce, a leading cloud-based provider of CRM software, leverages Alation to power their analytics needs. Hear Pavan Tumu, Director of Product Management at Salesforce, as he talks about partnering with Alation to meet internal objectives around data management maturity and data culture.
The inaugural Alation State of Data Culture Report delves into the progress enterprises have made in establishing a data culture, including the Data Culture Index ™, a quantitative assessment of how well an organization is positioned to enable data-driven decision making.
Hear BITanium, a leading South African consultancy, and Alation, the leading data catalog, to discuss how organisations have reduced risk whilst increasing the value of their digital transformation.
General Mills started on a Connected Data strategy journey to make it easy for business users to find and trust data and easy for the technologist to connect to data sources. Learn how Alation’s data catalog is helping General Mill realize its connected data strategy.
For any organization undergoing digital transformation, effective data governance is critical. Learn how MANTA is solving the challenges involved with that by automating lineage extraction and integrating it into Alation’s data catalog to create an effective, agile enterprise data environment
CNA Insurance, one of the largest insurers in the US, is moving to the cloud to modernize data and analytics, create greater flexibility, and improve cost effectiveness. Learn how CNA is implementing effective data governance in the cloud with a comprehensive data governance framework.
Hulu is a live & on-demand video subscription service that deals with billions of rows of data every hour. Hear from Gregg Rinsler, senior manager of data governance and data & analytics at Hulu, to learn how one of the most popular streaming services in the US leverages Alation’s data catalog.
In this guide, find out how to evaluate a data catalog by looking at five key aspects: intelligence, collaboration, guided navigation, active data governance, and broad, deep connectivity.
"The easier it is to find and access analytic content, the more successful the BI initiative is."
- Dresner Advisory Services Market Study
In this on-demand webinar, learn how together Keyrus and Alation bring the right expertise and the right data catalog for successful digital transformation.
Cisco is partnering with the Alation Platform to enable a revolutionary approach to data governance. Hear from Abra Le, director of data governance at Cisco, Aisha Memon, data governance lead at Cisco, and Lakshmi Randall, director of solutions marketing at Alation, to learn more.
The inaugural IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Data Catalog Software 2020 assessing the data catalog market and examines the data catalogs evolution into a platform for data intelligence. Find out why Alation was named a leader — the only modern data catalog to top the list.
Separate fact from fiction on the top myths about data catalogs, backed by the latest research from 451 Research and Alation customer feedback.
In this whitepaper, dive deep into Alation’s people-first approach to data governance and how it differs from traditional, top-down data governance. And learn how organizations can leverage this people-first approach to data governance to optimize operations and business outcomes.
Business Application Research Center (BARC) delves into the barriers to becoming data driven, and how a data catalog can help overcome those barriers by driving active contribution and collaboration from business users.
Bob Seiner and Riot Games’ Chris Kudelka, Technical Product Manager & Michael Leslie, Senior Data Governance Architect, and Alation’s John Wills, VP of Professional Service, take an inside look at Data Governance at one of the world’s leading gaming companies.
American Family Insurance’s Sean Kappes discusses how his team leverages Alation’s data catalog to enable the data scientists to self-serve on curated data, helping to drive greater business impact with data science.
Kiran Narsu, VP of business development at Alation, and William Murphy, VP of technology alliances at BigID, interview with John Furrier on theCUBE about the partnership with Alation and BigID to reduce the cost and complexity of data privacy policy application.
Alation’s Louis Hausle, solutions specialist, and Starbursts’ Zahir Gadiwan, senior director of partner solution architecture, discuss how to access metadata from data systems leveraged by Starburst Presto in the Alation Data Catalog.
Join Kiran Narsu, VP of business development at Alation, and William Murphy, VP of technology alliances at BigID, to learn how together Alation and BigID can help foster a privacy-aware data culture.
Join Neil Patel, a director of data science at Pfizer, to learn how one of the world's leading biopharmaceutial companies is implementing collaboration with the Alation Data Catalog and Dataiku to help make a greater impact with data science.
Jennifer Belissent, Forrester’s leading expert on data literacy, and Aaron Kalb, Alation’s chief data officer and co-founder, take a deep dive into data literacy for the enterprise.
Join AbbVie’s Karthik Kandamuri, and Alation’s Mitesh Shah for a discussion on how AbbVie evaluated and implemented a data catalog to democratize data and mature advanced analytics and AI.
"Alation’s approach accommodates the needs and workflows of multiple data stakeholder roles."
Paige Bartley, 451 Research
"Our work seems to indicate that there is huge value for the experienced people to showcase and share their work, especially with the folks who just started."
Van Mieghem, Kellogg School of Management
"Right now, having Alation as a place where we can capture information is critical."
- Cristian Varela, Aon
"The value of opportunity cost that subject matter experts save as a result of Alation is huge."
- Andy Carrington, Nielsen
"We help people understand the data and the systems inside of their companies. Like Google we crawl those systems and we look for what people are doing with the data and use that information to build a very rich catalog that people can update collaboratively."
- Satyen Sangani, Alation
"Context, collaboration and catalogs are the 3 C's of the modern information architecture. They can be useful to stitch together a big picture view of your organization."
- Satyen Sangani, Alation
"58% of managers base decisions on intuition, even when the data exists. Why? You need a lot of knowledge to get to the right data."
- Satyen Sangani, Alation
"Sharing results and persisting new views of data and models is core to success. And collaboratively governing data catalogs is the approach that works."
- Neil Raden, Hired Brains
"Teradata and Alation have announced a reseller partnership. Teradata will sell Alation's offering into Teradata Unified Data Architecture (UDA) accounts, both new and existing. Marketing will focus on Teradata's Sentient Enterprise strategy."
- James Curtis, 451 Group
"[you] need the right platforms for the right applications with the right skill sets within their organizations"
- James Kobielus, IBM Big Data Evangelist
"Alation combines machine learning with crowdsourcing and collaborative approaches to help end users ask the right questions of the right data. It is the preferred partner for data cataloging in Teradata's Universal Data Architecture (UDA)."
- Tony Baer, Ovum
"We are a company that believes that many of the problems related to data are not ones that can be easily solved by computers & algorithms & systems but rather are problems that need to be addressed by how people use data."
- Satyen Sangani, Alation
"From day one, Alation has offered capabilities that address the needs of both business analysts and data scientists as well as data stewards and data governance professionals."
- Matt Aslett, 415 Research
"The proliferation and popularity of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) data preparation tools for knowledge workers begs the question, “How will your data quality, consistency, and security be maintained without top-down governance?"
- Neil Raden, Hired Brains
"What we do differently at eBay is to trust people to do the right thing and to give them the information they need to make that decision. We’re calling this governance self-service."
- Deb Seys eBay
"Discovering data assets via post-it notes and water cooler conversations is no longer an appropriate method. Today, we can’t leave it to people we need systems discovering data in systems."
- Dez Blanchfield, The Bloor Group
"When you get behind the wheel of a car, you’re engaging in a very high risk, high reward activity... The same thing goes for using data."
- Aaron Kalb, Alation
"Data isn’t the only capital... the intellectual property is in the algorithm. We need the data to feed the algorithm"
- Stephanie Mcreynolds, Alation
"We have data analysts, three of them may know membership really well, and if they aren’t around it becomes a bottleneck... So we wanted to focus on capabilities that allow us to expose data transparency to the rest of the organization."
- Beata Puncevic, BCBS-Michigan
"The need for data to be filtered, processed, treated and managed to make it suitable for multiple analytics use cases is critical to delivering value from the data lake."
- Matt Aslett, 415 Research
"Everything is powered by big data. If you cannot unpack the value of your big data, no matter how beautiful the technology is, it means nothing"
- Alex Liang, eBay
"Our Tableau power users are now freed to do actual analysis."
- Sharon Graves, Enterprise Data & BI Tools Evangelist
"Data curation is emerging as a technique to support data governance, especially in data-driven organizations."
- Alation White Paper
"Alation makes data accessible at Square. And it makes it so they can find the data and the connectivity to the data in the same place."
- Ryan Mason, Square
"Opening up access to data will yield diminishing returns if users are still in the dark about its provenance."
- Tony Baer, Ovum
"Teradata is this powerful place for modeling a view of the world in data, and Alation is this great place to start from where Teradata ends and build onto it"
- Deb Seys eBay
"Imagine the power and impact of a curated marketplace that serves a community of analysts “shopping” for data."
- Dave Wells, Eckerson Group
"Data's getting stale because it is not being leveraged... if there is no collaboration, nobody is going to use the data lake... you need to index and catalog the data to know what is available."
- Bertrand Cariou, Trifacta
"We chose Alation because we needed a tool that does documentation right beside our data and right beside our queries. There was just nothing else on the market that I’ve seen that does that."
- Bob Briski, Director of Data Infrastructure, invoice2Go
"Trifacta and Alation allows for an open and integrated stack for wrangling, discovery, and governance."
- Bertrand Cariou, Trifacta
"We definitely do see a data cataloging technology playing a huge role in not just data governance but BI governance."
- Boris Evelson, Forrester
"Now (our analysts) just log into the tool, start searching, and the answer is right at their fingertips."
- Matt Sullivant, Data Steward, Chegg
"Alation integrates with and compliments Tableau’s existing data governance capabilities so that organizations can truly balance the demands of agility and compliance"
- Alation White Paper
"Data catalog focuses upon the user requirement to locate and leverage metadata, data, models and data elements within an organization – for the purposes of analysis within business intelligence solutions."
- Howard Dresner, Dresner Advisory Services
"Creating a data-driven organization requires the ability to share tribal knowledge and support collaboration between the producers and the consumers of data and analytics."
- Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D., Intelligent Solutions
"As data complexity continues to increase we expect data catalog capabilities will only grow in importance into the future."
- Howard Dresner, Dresner Advisory Services
"To find that needle of good data in the haystack of other data is the challenge that catalogs help with. Catalogs answer questions that actually help us to make good decisions."
- Aaron Kalb, Alation
"Governance is now being viewed as a facilitator for self-service analytics rather than an obstacle for access to data."
- Matt Aslett, 451 Research
"The Alation Data Catalog has significantly increased the productivity of my team... enabling them to quickly find, understand and trust the data they need and increasing time to real business insights."
- Hernan Asorey, SVP at Salesforce
"Over 2/3 of CDOs in a recent Forrester study have been appointed in the past 2 years. It’s not too late."
- Forrester, "Hail to the New Chief (Of Data)", Jennifer Belissent, February 21, 2018
"Only 29% of companies successfully connect analytics to action. Why? Lack of trust."
- BBBT Podcast, "Data Catalogs – Taming the Wild West of Self-Service Analytics", March 9, 2018
"Seeing the top data sets and queries used in the organization is a great way to capture the knowledge of the company so you don't have to start all over again"
- Andreas Kohlmaier, Munich RE
"We let machines do what they do best so that humans can do what they do best."
- Maksim Pecherskiy, City of San Diego
"The ability to produce data is something that we all have and have been able to do, exponentially. But what we don’t have is the ability to parse out the insights from that data."
- Satyen Sangani, Alation
"Many CIOs have invested in creating data lakes using Hadoop distributions, but continue to struggle to deliver the actionable data businesses want."
- 451 Research "Working with service providers to get value from the data lake"
"Information only becomes a true insight when the enterprise understands exactly what to do with it."
- Stephanie McReynolds, Alation
"We are noting growing adoption of more agile approaches to data stewardship, which Alation is well-placed to benefit from."
- 451 Research, "Alation rises amid expanded data catalog adoption and partnerships," Matt Aslett, June 27, 2018
"While our ability to produce, ingest and store data has grown exponentially, our ability to parse consistent insights from data has not."
- Stephanie McReynolds, Alation
"At every step [in the data value chain], we can ensure that only the most trustworthy data sets are being used, because any problem upstream flows downstream."
- Aaron Kalb, Alation
"The top three data catalog feature priorities for 2018 are that it 'includes a data dictionary,' 'catalogs multiple databases,' and 'includes a business glossary.'"
- Dresner Advisory Services Data Catalog Market Study
"Today’s data-driven organizations demand an approach to data governance that pairs technical innovation with process innovation."
- Satyen Sangani, Alation
"Machine learning data catalogs position enterprises for data architecture of the future."
- Michele Goetz, Principal Analyst, Forrester
"The move [from build to buy] replaced the original IKEA-like DIY model with a governed self-service approach that was more user-friendly—and ultimately, more effective."
- Alex Liang, eBay
"The data catalog is the most important data management breakthrough to have emerged in the last decade."
- Matt Aslett, 451 Research
"Agile data governance provides a framework where individuals are empowered to unlock the value of data."
- Malcolm Chisholm, First San Francisco Partners
"Simply put, catalogs are indispensable tools in support of regulatory compliance and data-driven decision-making."
- Andrew Brust, Research Director, GigaOm
"Alation serves as a self-service layer that helps data users perform a quick search on various data elements — in plain English."
- Yannis Katsanos, Exelon Corporation
"Innovation has been critical for us to get here, and we're going to continue to be the leaders and to innovate."
- Aaron Kalb, Alation
"The most effective catalogs not only show users what data is available but also expose governance-related nuances."
- Doug Henschen, VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research
"Through interaction with humans, [a machine learning data catalog] can determine which data assets contain sensitive data that is subject to regulatory compliance."
- David Loshin, Industry Expert
"Culture and data literacy are the top two roadblocks for data and analytics leaders."
- Gartner "10 Ways CDOs Can Succeed in Forging a Data-Driven Organization, 2019
"Compose—that lets us create and run queries to get on-demand data—has been truly transformative."
- Kelly Barnes, Genentech
"Alation is our foundation for data management. Everything depends on knowing where your assets are and what’s in the data."
- VP of Information Management and Strategy, Forrester TEI Study
"Alation has a huge impact on the ability to foster a self-service culture."
- Julia Fazdayeva, Forrester
"Modern data catalogs combine the power of machine learning and human curation to help users find, understand, and trust data."
- Michelle Lam, Alation
"Alation is evolving to be more than just a data catalog. It's becoming a knowledge management platform... and a learning tool."
- Susannah Barnes, American Family Insurance
"The productivity impact of an enterprise data catalog can lead to concrete ROI benefits."
- Alation, "Productive Analytics With an Enterprise Data Catalog"
"Alation’s approach accommodates the needs and workflows of multiple data stakeholder roles."
- Paige Bartley, 451 Research
"Alation offers a purpose-built catalog that can stand alone architecturally and provide broad data connectivity."
- 451 Research, "Doppelgangers: the many identities of the modern data catalog," Paige Bartley, January 02, 2020
"What's really helpful with having a data catalog is that everything you want is in one central location."
- Kathy Xu, Pfizer
"Our report validates the vital role data catalogs play in the successful rollout of [business intelligence] efforts."
- Bill Hostmann, Dresner Advisory Services
"Data and analytics leaders must investigate and adopt ML-augmented data catalogs as part of their overall data management solutions strategy."
- Gartner Inc., Augmented Data Catalogs, 2019
"The Alation Data Catalog provides the underlying fabric for data democratization."
- Doug Gray, Caserta
"Alation has been a significant saver in our world… It maintains integrity, allows greater collaboration, and enables self-service."
- Sharon Graves, GoDaddy
"Data is an asset that has value –– and Alation exposes that asset so you can see it, feel it and touch it. It becomes real. That’s really the value that I see."
- Pat Dever, Avista
"With a partner like Alation, our end users can have more trust and confidence in their data insights."
- Ashley Howard, Tableau
"There is a case to be made that the data catalog is the most important data management breakthrough to have emerged in the last decade."
- Matt Aslett, 451 Research
"It's important to look at catalogs that can span all sources within an enterprise."
- Doug Heschen, Constellation Research
"Finding ways to engage people’s competitive and collaborative sides could be a huge motivator when it comes to data cataloging."
- Aaron Kalb, Alation
"A modern data catalog should take all the paradigms that make modern catalogs, like Google and Yelp, great and apply the same thing to data."
- Aaron Kalb, Alation
"Catalogs are driving faster analysis, improved accuracy and trust in the data, and broader data access."
- Aaron Kalb, Alation
"The biggest challenge nontechnical users are encountering is the same one that has been a steep challenge for data scientists: slow, difficult, and tedious data preparation."
- David Stodder, TDWI
"Self-service is a must if you are going to make your organization insights-driven. Understanding data, including its lineage and context, is key to enabling data exploration."
- Gene Leganza, Forrester