Take a tour of our Data Intelligence Platform

Nothing compares to seeing the Alation Data Catalog in action for yourself. Below you’ll find all of our self-guided demos.

Self-Service Analytics

How about some self-service to learn about self-service analytics? Learn how Alation:

  • Removes bottlenecks to access data

  • Helps people collaborate around data

  • Saves time by reusing existing work

Alation Active Data Governance Policy Center

Data Governance

Experience a people-first approach to data governance, where people are guided to properly use data. Learn how Alation: 

  • Helps business leaders manage compliance

  • Reduces IT costs through policy management

  • Protects critical, sensitive data

Alation Connected Sheets being shown reducing risk with governed data

Alation Connected Sheets

See how using spreadsheets can be more efficient and trustworthy than ever, allowing users to pull in trusted data from the source. Learn how Alation:

  • Empowers more accurate decision making

  • Reduces spreadsheet risk by using governed data

  • Enables self-service data through clicks, not SQL