How to Blend Self-Service and Solid Governance for the Hybrid Data Lake

The growing volume of data, complexity of hybrid data environments, and rise of regulatory compliance have made data access and governance more challenging than ever.

“To provide agile data access, data catalogs have quickly gained traction as the way to make data more visible to business users,” noted Doug Henschen, vice president and principal analyst, Constellation Research in his research report. “The most effective catalogs not only show users what data is available but also expose governance-related nuances—such as quality, lineage, and policy constraints—to provide complete context.”

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How to Blend Self-Service and Solid Governance for the Hybrid Data Lake



June 7, 2018   |   11AM PT / 2PM ET 

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Enterprise data catalogs drive agile data governance 

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  • How to provide self-service data access tied to governance capabilities 
  • The importance of lineage, certifications, policies, and collaboration in governance 
  • Capabilities of best-of-breed catalogs, and how to distinguish enterprise-wide data catalogs from single-platform data catalogs


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