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Self-Service Analytics

Empower Everyone to Access Trusted Data

People need data to make better business decisions. Yet answering questions about data is challenging and relies on too many people.

Self-Service Analytics eliminating bottlenecks

Eliminate bottlenecks

Relying on centralized data engineering and analytics functions for data questions and requests creates bottlenecks. As the queue of data requests builds, responsiveness, insights, and innovation grind to a halt. Remove the bottleneck by giving people a way to answer their own data questions.

Discover trusted data fast

You face massive volumes of data growing at a high velocity. That data is scattered across many sources. The result? The right data is nearly impossible to find. Speed up discovery with powerful search on an easy-to-use interface anyone can master. Return relevant results to drive business impact.

Self-Service Analytics finds expert top users

Find data experts instantly

Knowledge about data resides in the brilliant minds of people who know it best. Finding those experts demands time and asking around. Instead, see who the data experts and stewards are for all types of data with a quick search. Learn from their work and ask them questions directly.

Reuse and adapt the best analytics

Buried in your vast data landscape lives a rich set of analysis and insights. Yet these insights are often challenging to find and unproductive to recreate. Instead, reuse and adapt the best existing analyses to make better decisions, faster.

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[It's an] Amazon-like experience for data with Travelers. Now, non-technical users can look for and find the right data to meet their business needs.

Mano Mannoochahr

Chief Data Analytics Officer, Travelers

Drive significant productivity


Savings from faster discovery1


Present value improvement1


Work days saved per year 1


Time savings to find data1

  • 1.

    Research from a [Forrester Total Economic Impact report and Value of Alation Case Studies ](

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