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One place for productive, trusted self-service analytics


Data consumers struggle to navigate huge volumes of data, complex environments, and the data and organizational silos that make up the modern enterprise. Alation’s data catalog overcomes these challenges, making it easy for anyone to find, understand, and trust data — fueling data-driven decision-making and increasing the impact of analytics on the business.

Power Productive, Accurate, Self-Service Analytics



Discover and govern your strategic data

Make discovering business-critical data easy for a wide range of data consumers. Alation’s data catalog connects to all of the data and context that matters with pre-built connectors for commonly used data sources, including cloud data lakes and business intelligence tools, and an Open Connector SDK for anything else.

Build a common business language

Ensure that everyone in the organization is speaking the same language. Crowdsourced knowledge capture, intelligent recommendations, flags, and warnings, and integrated conversation help promote collaboration and consistency, whether data consumers work in the same office or across the globe from one another. With an intuitive experience and guided navigation, everyone in the organization can contribute to building a common business language.

Common language in data catalog

Access data with the intelligent SQL editor

Enable data consumers to immediately begin writing queries with Alation’s intelligent SQL editor. Intelligent recommendations are surfaced as the user writes their query — making it easier for them to understand how to use data accurately and compliantly. Or use natural language search, which makes this intelligence accessible to an even wider range of users.

Establish trust in your data

Bring trust to self-service analytics with guided navigation that surfaces recommendations, flags, and policies directly within the analysis workflow. Empower data stewards to impact how data is actually being used with a quick, easy, and extensible workflow — helping to close the gap between policy and data use and maximizing curation and stewardship efforts.

Connect to your BI and data science tools

Alation natively connects to many of the most used business intelligence and data science tools — and when a native connector isn’t available, Alation can connect with an Open Connector SDK — unlocking a wealth of information and critical knowledge and making it available across the organization.

We have one place where we make our data assets visible and document our AI models.

Minna Karha
Head of Data – Finnair

Alation has been a leading vendor in this market since its entry into it with data catalogs, and is well known for its data-cataloging capabilities.

Guido De Simoni, Mark Beyer, Ankush Jain
Gartner Inc., MQ for Metadata Management Solutions, 2019