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Self-Service Data Search and Discovery

An intuitive, consumer-grade experience to accelerate data search and discovery of data anywhere


To power self-service search and discovery, Alation uses a design approach perfected in the consumer space for greater ease of use. Easily connect Alation to your data sources, and the system crawls and indexes data assets stored across disparate repositories including cloud data lakes, databases, Hadoop files, and data visualization tools — enabling anyone in the organization to find relevant data.

Discover All Your Data and Drive Data-Driven Decision Making



Connect to any data source

Alation is underpinned by broad, deep connectivity. Pre-built connectors enable the data catalog to connect to a wide range of sources while an Open Connector SDK enables the data catalog to connect to any source that doesn’t currently have a pre-built connector.

Discover and manage your data assets

Alation provides a quick, easy, and extensible workflow for managing data. With intelligent data stewardship capabilities, including a dashboard designed to make stewarding data and analytics fast and easy, usage-based assignment to help prioritize and assign curation duties, and analytics to give greater visibility into people, data, and documentation.

Understand the quality, context, and usage of your data

Alation automatically detects the source of each data element, conducts impact analysis to show which data assets and people would be affected by changes to the data, and with Alation Smart Sets technology, rules and updates to be applied across all data sets.

Alation helps make our organization more data literate and more data cognizant instead of relying on experience and intuition.

Jeremy Busselman
Analytics Architect – Nebraska Furniture Mart

Alation’s approach accommodates the needs and workflows of multiple data stakeholder roles.

Paige Bartley
451 Research