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Business Users

Make informed decisions with confidence


As a business user, internal and external stakeholders reach out to you with questions that require your expertise. At times you respond based on your experience and even instinct, but you know that decisions backed by data are more credible. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find relevant data and understand how to apply it to the question at hand.

How Alation Helps Business Users




Why Business Users Like Alation

Make data-backed decisions

Decisions are better when they’re backed by data. But how can you leverage data if you’re never quite sure what data to use or how to apply it once you’ve found it? And in many cases, business analysts and others have already done the hard work of analyzing the data, but how do you leverage their work if you can’t find it? With an easy-to-use interface and natural language search, Alation gives you a convenient way to find answers and make better decisions.

Get answers, faster

As a business user, there are times when you just need the answer. But answers are trapped in tribal knowledge or buried in disparate tools. Through conversations, Alation lets you chat directly with data SMEs. And, with faceted search and data domains, you get to the information most relevant to you, faster.

Getting answers , faster in the data catalog

Contribute to data culture

Data culture is a priority for more than three quarters of the companies we surveyed in the Alation Data Culture Report. Yet business users are often left out of the data culture because technical and data proficiency are often a prerequisites. Alation lowers the barrier to entry with a consumer-grade interface and natural language search, making it possible for everyone to take part in their organization’s data culture.