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Chief Data & Analytics Officers

Create a data-driven culture


Establishing a culture of data-driven decision making is the top priority for many Chief Data & Analytics Officers. Having a data culture is critical for everything from digital transformation to compliance with privacy regulation. To create a thriving data culture, you must build the foundation for effective data search & discovery, data literacy, and data governance.

How Alation Helps Chief Data & Analytics Officers






Forge a Data Culture with Alation

CDAO can create a data culture

Create data culture

Enabling data consumers to find and make sense of data is challenging — and critical to creating a data culture. Alation drives timely, informed decision making by empowering data consumers to quickly discover and analyze relevant data. With intelligent recommendations and the ability to embed data governance into the day-to-day activities of your data consumers, Alation also helps to improve data literacy.

Evolve Your Data Strategy

Leveraging data to drive business priorities is one of the greatest challenges facing CDAOs. Alation enables you to invest in the data capabilities that facilitate strong collaboration across business and IT teams and provide insights on how the data is used. With Alation, you can better understand usage, information standards, and changes in the data environment.

Deliver Trusted Data

Without trust in data, data consumers will fall back on gut decision making, hurting your ability to create a data culture. Alation helps to drive accurate and confident decisions by improving data quality and ensuring that data consumers are leveraging trusted data. Actively embed data governance into the day-to-day activities of data consumers and close the gap between policies and guidelines and data usage.

Spur Innovation

Creating data products requires a strong data culture from end-to-end. If there are any issues with data quality, breakdowns in collaboration, or holes in your data governance execution, product development will suffer. Alation enables you to deliver new data products and services by breaking down data silos and enabling cross team collaboration. Enable data democratization to help everyone be data driven and enable your data experts to build accurate models and implement automation that drive higher business performance.

Drive Data Modernization

Digital transformation requires data modernization, a complex process that can easily go off the rails. With Alation, you can deliver powerful analytics at reduced cost with a modern data foundation. Accelerate cloud and data modernization initiatives by reducing risks and driving adoption. Easily secure and govern your modern data core, a key to self-service enablement.

The Business Value that Enterprises Realize from the Alation Data Catalog

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driving data culture at Alation

Data Culture is just good business. Making decisions according to tradition or opinion not only invites suboptimal decisions, but also stifles innovation and corrodes morale. In a data culture, initiatives are considered and assessed rationally. The organization makes the optimal choice based on the information available, then examines objective performance metrics to validate outcomes, iterating as new evidence surfaces. Data culture rewards curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking, as well as intellectual integrity and humility resulting in better decisions and thus winning as a business.