Data Products

Product mindset, business value driven

Data products promote an evolutionary approach to delivering business value sooner by utilizing domain knowledge and a product mindset.

Drive business value

Producers can quickly package and surface their data products for consumption, providing faster time to value. Product owners can receive feedback through Alation Conversations to help evolve existing products and derive new ones. Usage metrics from Alation Analytics help influence investment.

Easily find and understand data

Consumers can find the data products pertinent to them. Organize by domain, department, or other categories to quickly access trusted products. Deepen product understanding through key facets like examples, underlying data assets, and limitations so the user can determine if it is fit for purpose.

Increase trustworthiness

Consumers trust products more when there is transparency of objectives such as frequency of change, accuracy, completeness, and data lineage. Quality improves with accountability shifting to the product team. Federated governance promotes flexibility while ensuring data privacy and protecting sensitive information.

Reduce time to insight

Consumers access Alation Compose and Alation Connected Sheets to analyze data products directly from the point of discovery to shorten the time to insight.

John (JW) Williams, Executive Director of Enterprise Data at RaceTrac

Our data environment is complex, making it difficult to provide business value quickly. Our goal is to shift to a product mindset and treat data as a product. In addition, we will align our data resources closer to the domains they serve for better knowledge sharing and faster delivery. Alation will help us unlock business value through data products extending data decision-making in our organization.

John Williams

Executive Director of Enterprise Data and Advanced Analytics, RaceTrac

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