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Enterprise Digital Transformation

Drive transformation with trust and innovation


The economic uncertainty associated with the current pandemic is accelerating the need for data-driven digital transformation. To succeed, enterprises need a strong data culture. Alation instills a strong data culture throughout the organization by promoting search & discovery, data literacy, and active data governance to deliver a trusted data foundation that spurs innovation while maintaining customer trust.

A Digital Awakening – Illuminate the Future with Data





Guide your business

Enterprises recognize the need to be data-driven but are hampered by the struggle to empower data consumers to find, understand, and trust their data. Alation enables enterprises to achieve data-driven business outcomes by empowering them to quickly discover relevant data within the appropriate business context.

Grow your business

The urgency to act fast has now reached peak importance. Organizations are pushing at full speed to transform into modern data-driven digital enterprises ready to collaborate, innovate, and grow. The Alation platform delivers a broad range of data intelligence solutions that enables businesses to drive change and spur growth.

Connect your business

Going digital requires a deep, thorough understanding of where your data resides, how it flows across all your business processes, who the subject matter experts are, and more. Alation connects people, processes, and data to accelerate business transformation.

Protect your business

The need for governance, compliance, and risk management has never been greater. Alation’s active governance approach resets governance for the digital age. Alation empowers organizations to mitigate risks while complying with regulations and protecting their customers’ brands.

We have one place where we make our data assets visible and document our AI models.

Minna Karha
Head of Data – Finnair

Digitalization is on the agenda of almost every company, and data is the foundation of digitalization. Its availability and quality are crucial for digital success, making it an important economic asset for the business.

Jacqueline Bloemen
BARC, “Leverage Your Data, A Data Strategy Checklist for the Journey to the Data-Driven Enterprise,” Timm Grosser, June 2020