Alation + AWS Strengthen Partnership with Data & Analytics Competency

By Andrew Treptow

Published on September 8, 2022

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When it comes to the cloud, you want verifiable value — not a data diaspora.

That’s why when it was announced that Alation achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data and Analytics Competency in the data governance and security category, we were not only honored to receive this coveted designation, but we were also proud that it confirms the synergy — and customer benefits — of our AWS partnership.

The Power of Partnership

By now, the advantages of moving data to the cloud are obvious. Yet there’s more to a cloud migration strategy than, well, simply choosing to moving data to the cloud:

  • How long will migration take?

  • How can you ensure the migration will be safe and and compliant with data governance policies?

  • How can you find, access, and fully leverage your cloud data?

Ever since Alation achieved AWS Advanced Technology Partner status in 2020, our joint customers — now numbering nearly 300 — have been using Alation with Amazon Web Services to enable data search and discovery, run powerful queries, more efficiently migrate to a hybrid cloud, and ensure data governance.

We’ve also built connectors to key AWS data tools including;

  • Amazon Redshift

  • Amazon EMR

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

  • AWS Glue

  • Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)

  • Amazon Athena

Overall, this partnership helps AWS customers speed cloud migration, leverage the latest cloud innovations, and deliver the full value of their data.

A Partnership Milestone

AWS designates partners in the Data Governance and Security category as those who “help customers discover, categorize, and control their data. This includes defining and enforcing policies; security, management of personal information; creating data catalogs and glossaries; data lineage, data masking, and secure data federation.”

We’re excited to be granted this designation for a few reasons. For one, it validates our position as a market leader, as well as the impact we make for AWS customers. Joint customers can rest assured that our solution has been thoughtfully integrated into AWS tools to deliver a seamless experience.

From a product perspective, we’ve achieved this designation due to our ability to conquer the challenges of data governance with a multipronged approach:

  • Automatically identifying and categorizing data

  • Securing sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information (PII), so that’s it’s accessible only by authorized people — and only for authorized uses

  • At the same time, allowing users to draw the full value from data they can trust

AWS identifies its Data and Analytics Competency Partners as “Helping AWS customers transform data into value” — and that’s what Alation’s been doing for its customers since its inception.


Naturally, we’re celebrating this coveted achievement. But more importantly, it confirms a partnership that combines benefits of the cloud and the impact of the Alation Data Catalog to power data intelligence — with governance and security support — across hybrid cloud environments. And because Alation is also part of the AWS marketplace, customers can take advantage of other AWS programs to maximize the value of their data.

That’s not just competency, that’s proficiency.

Learn more about our growing partnership by exploring our partner page.

  • The Power of Partnership
  • A Partnership Milestone
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