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Alation + AWS Partnership

Alation accelerates governance and data-driven initiatives for AWS

The value of our partnership

Alation helps AWS customers leverage the AWS Cloud to accelerate migration, reduce risk through active data governance, and maximize data value. As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner within APN, we provide AWS users with one place to search, discover, query, and govern data across AWS services.

Faster cloud data migration

Most migrations don’t complete within the required timeframes. Alation speeds up migration by spotlighting the most critical assets to move to the AWS environment.

Empower everyone to use data

Alation empowers anyone to find trusted data in AWS by surfacing governance policies in real time, so you can minimize risk with active data governance.

Become a data-driven enterprise

Data scientists and analysts waste 70% of their time searching, preparing, and protecting data. Alation lets them easily find and use data from a single platform.

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So much is automatic – the metadata extraction, curation, labeling, query log ingestion, and building out the lineage – it’s a big help.

Leonard Kwok

Senior Data Analyst, ARC

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As we grew, we realized we needed to capture all of the institutional knowledge of our people in a centrally available enterprise metadata repository.

Yash Bhagde

Data Governance Manager, Oportun

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