Alation Wins Four TrustRadius “Top Rated” Awards

By Michelle Cloutier

Published on May 12, 2023

Silhouette of two Alationaut coworkers high-fiving as they celebrate Alation winning four TrustRadius Top Rated Awards.

At Alation, one of our core values is to measure success through customer impact. So when leading software review site TrustRadius announced that we had won their “Top Rated” awards in Data Catalog, Data Collaboration, Data Governance, and Metadata Management we were thrilled, but not surprised, since usability has been core to Alation’s product DNA since day 1.

What does “Top Rated” mean? To quote TrustRadius, “Top Rated awards help distinguish products in a category that have excellent customer satisfaction ratings.” These coveted awards are based on customer feedback and reviews, and Alation is proud to add them to our customer-driven awards trophy case alongside our position as a two-time Leader in the IDC Marketscape for Data Catalogs, Dresner Wisdom of Crowds® Data Catalog Market Study, and 8 top rankings in the BARC Data Management Survey.

Why Our Customers Say Alation Is Top Rated

Alation is the proven leader in enterprise data intelligence solutions. More than 450 enterprises build data culture and improve data-driven decision-making with Alation, including Cisco, Nasdaq, Pfizer, Salesforce, and Virgin Australia. But you don’t need to take our word for why we are Top Rated in four categories — our customers are spreading the word!

Data Catalog

It should come as no surprise that Alation wins in this category. After all, we pioneered the data catalog market. So we agree with Jamie Hughes, Strategist, Data Literacy & Intelligence at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – ALSAC when she says: “A data catalog is a necessity for any business that has and uses data. Alation is a top competitor in the industry and has a consistently evolving roadmap.”

And we can’t argue with this endorsement from Allen Goldschmidt, Director of Data Management at a financial services company: “Release your data catalog from its spreadsheet shackles and let it breathe the sweet air of Alation!”

Release your data catalog from its spreadsheet shackles and let it breathe the sweet air of Alation!

Allen Goldschmidt

Director of Data Management, Fiserv

Data Collaboration

Alation plays well with others, and enables users to connect with each and learn from their data with built-in collaboration tools. And our mature relationships with partners like Snowflake, AWS, Databricks, and our connectors to Tableau and Power BI make us the natural choice for enterprises with complex data environments.

“Alation had such good connectivity to third-party platforms that we wanted to go with them,” wrote Joe Harrington, Director of Business Intelligence at East Idaho Federal Credit Union. “In particular they are tied very well to Snowflake and Tableau which are our two most critical systems. Additionally, Alation is so well received in the industry that it is easy to connect with people and find solutions to things we are troubleshooting.”

Data Governance

And while other companies may say they have a data governance solution, Alation’s proven track record in data governance has earned us the Snowflake Data Governance Partner of the Year for two years running.

The TrustRadius reviews prove that our financial services and other customers trust Alation to help them govern their highly sensitive data.“I am using Alation to aid in our data governance efforts. It ties all the metadata together beautifully and helps give deeper insights into the data stories we are telling and how they are built,” writes Harrington.

And we agree with Nicole Guaetta-Hoffman, Data Architect at Veterans United Home Loans when she says, “Alation is a solid choice for cataloging and data governance. They stand by their product.”

Alation is a solid choice for cataloging and data governance. They stand by their product.

Nicole Guaetta-Hoffman

Data Architect, Veterans United Home Loans

Metadata Management

Data cataloging is all about metadata management. One financial services analyst noted: “Alation Data Catalog is one of the best tools for metadata management. Metadata for all important datasets is stored in a structured manner which makes it very easy to search required datasets and perform operations on those datasets.”

Proper metadata management and cataloging mean people can find and trust the data they need to improve decision-making, like our customer Jamie Hughes. “The use of Alation is helping our different departments use terms and metrics in a consistent manner,” Hughes shares. “Alation also is invaluable as a resource to our analysts on finding out the where and what of our data elements.”

Alation Data Catalog is one of the best tools for metadata management.

Analyst in Information Technology at a Financial Services Company

Other Winning Categories

Our customers also give us top marks for how easy Alation is to implement and use. And don’t forget our great sales and support teams!

Ease of Use

Alation consistently wins high marks against the competition in user-friendliness. “If you want to get up and running for governance and cataloging with little learning curve for stewards and end users, Alation is a wonderful tool,” Guatta-Hoffmann writes. “People take to it like a duck to water because it is so intuitive.”


Customers are consistently impressed with and amazed by the level of support that Alation provides both during and after the sale. We build relationships with our customers and ensure that they have every possible resource to make their Alation implementation and deployment a success.

“From the RightStart Program to the Customer Success team to technical support, Alation has it all covered. They respond quickly and expertly to answer my questions and fix my problems,” says Goldschmidt.

“The support team is the best we could ask for. They go above and beyond for us to feel comfortable and confident while using Alation. They are truly awesome!” notes an analyst in Information Technology at a Financial Services company.

Why Alation Trusts TrustRadius

We know there are many review sites out there, and they all matter. TrustRadius readers are the top-level decision-makers in the latter stages of the buying process; they don’t just want quick product comparisons or ratings, but need long-form reviews to inform their decision. Knowledge is power! We want our buyers to have robust information about Alation, and to read in-depth reviews from our customers, to ensure our products meet their needs.

Real Customer Feedback

According to TrustRadius, their average review is 408 words, and we read every word! Each TrustRadius review also includes detailed customer feedback about the pros and cons, alternatives considered, and use cases. This gives potential buyers a complete picture of how our customers are using our products, and why they choose Alation. In turn, Alation uses that information to improve our products and services and to create a better customer experience.

No Cherry Picking and No Fake Reviews

The TrustRadius trScore algorithm removes selection bias from our aggregate ratings, which ensures that we can’t send just our happiest customers requests for reviews. What’s more, TrustRadius rigorously verifies each review to weed out anything fake or questionable. This means our buyers can trust our TrustRadius scores and know that even our anonymous reviews have been vetted for authenticity.

Competitive Comparison

We know our customers evaluate multiple solutions before finally choosing Alation. So one of our favorite things about TrustRadius reviews is reading just how favorably we stack up to our competitors.

We consistently read comments like this one from Miriam Barbarena, Data Governance Analyst at NI: “Alation’s implementation seemed easier, and their team seemed more responsive and willing to work with our needs. The product and Alation as a company met more of our needs than the others.”

Or this from Allen Goldschmidt, “Alation is much easier to use than Ataccama ONE. Specific technical training and skills are necessary to use Ataccama whereas Alation is easy to use right out of the box.”

See for Yourself Why Alation is Top Rated

Check out our live customer reviews on TrustRadius and see for yourself why we lead the Data Catalog, Data Collaboration, Data Governance, and Metadata Management categories. Then come back and read our case studies for customers like Texas Mutual Insurance and Crocs. When you’re ready, take Alation for a spin with a free, self-guided demo. We think you’ll decide that we really are Top Rated.

  • Why Our Customers Say Alation Is Top Rated
  • Why Alation Trusts TrustRadius
  • See for Yourself Why Alation is Top Rated
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