Secrets from Data Governance Leaders: DGIQ West 2023 (June 5 - 9)

By Jim Barker

Published on May 31, 2023

The Data Governance & Information Quality Conference (DGIQ) is happening soon — and we’ll be onsite in San Diego from June 5-9. The best part? Four fantastic Alation customers will be joining us to share their stories: Electronic Arts (EA), Thermo Fisher Scientific, Lincoln Financial Group, and American Family Insurance (AmFam).

If you’re not familiar with DGIQ, it’s the world’s most comprehensive event dedicated to, you guessed it, data governance and information quality. This year’s DGIQ West will host tutorials, workshops, seminars, general conference sessions, and case studies for global data leaders. You can even use this event to satisfy the continuing education requirements of the CDMP credential.

DGIQ is June 5-9, 2023, at the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa in San Diego, just steps away from the Mission Bay beach. You can learn more about the event and register here.

We’re excited to have Alation customers EA, Thermo Fisher, and AmFam presenting at DGIQ this year. Here’s a preview of what they will share in their sessions, and why you should join. .

Who: Anil Kumar Kunden, Information Standards, Governance and Quality Specialist at AmFam Group When: Wednesday, June 7, at 2:45 PM Why attend: Learn how to automate and accelerate data pipeline creation and maintenance with data governance, AKA metadata normalization.

Anil Kumar Kunden helps define, build, and monitor the company’s governance automation initiative at American Family Insurance. He also works with data engineers and business teams to help them understand the Google Cloud Platform and ensure the success of their implementations.

At Anil’s session, attendees will learn how AmFam automated its manual processes, enabling engineers and analysts to deliver and derive more data insights without bottlenecks. He’ll share how “metadata normalization” played a key role in the journey to automation, the steps required to automate data governance processes, and why a data catalog was critical to the project’s success.

See the session description, and add it to your agenda.

Who: Ben Fox, Head of Data Governance at Electronic Arts When: Tuesday, June 6, at 3:45 PM Why attend: Learn how to motivate people to change their data behaviors – and successfully launch new data catalog solutions – in tandem.

Ben Fox has worked with data-driven organizations such as Toyota Financial, Washington Mutual, Disney, Activision Blizzard, and Electronic Arts, and has authored the book, Cooking with Business Intelligence. His major takeaway? Changing human behavior with a tech implementation is critical

At Ben’s session, attendees will learn how relationship building and behavioral adjustments are critical to data governance. He’ll explore areas where data and people play a key part in success, and illustrate how positive data behaviors combined with a data catalog create the building blocks of great data governance.

See the session description and add it to your agenda.

Who: Antoinette Cashwell, Director, DG&S Metric Alignment at Lincoln, Lynn Mulligan, AVP Data Governance & Strategy at Lincoln, Robyn Black Consultant, Data Process & Improvement at Lincoln When: Tuesday, June 6, at 10:15 AM Why attend: Learn about getting a data governance programs started, including a case study covering: (a) Alignment, Adaptability, and Accuracy; (b) Business Knowledge, (c) Collaboration, Culture, and Creativity; and more!

The team at Lincoln Financial Group are regular contributors at DGIQ for data governance. In this session, learn from the best.

The building blocks of creating and growing a Data Governance team is as easy as A, B, C…or is it? data governance is filled with a myriad of terminology, definitions, and challenges. In this presentation, the Lincoln Financial Group team will break down how they have built and grown out their data governance team by focusing on the basics, the building blocks, and remembering our ABC’s.

See the session description and add it to your agenda.

Who: John Moran, Senior Director, Data Governance Office, Thermo Fisher Scientific When: Tuesday, June 6, at 4:45 PM Why attend: Hear firsthand how data leaders can pitch their wider organization on a vision, align business and data teams, and get everyone working together in a single platform.

John Moran leads the Data Governance Enablement team at Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science. From helping cancer patients live longer through gene therapies, to creating products that help scientists develop new drugs, to returning hope to the city of Flint Michigan by donating a community water-testing machine, Thermo Fisher is on a mission to make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer.

John leads a center of excellence providing tools and methodologies that enable the business to protect and trust their data, improve their productivity, and make better decisions.

At John’s session, attendees will learn how the company empowered thousands of users to intelligently access, use, and understand data by establishing and maintaining sound governance practices. He’ll explain that, while the right tools and framework matter, it’s your people who must be willing and able to adopt them. John will also show how he pitched his data catalog vision to the company and why corralling your metadata in a data catalog is the essential starting point for governance.

See the session description and add it to your agenda.

This, and More, at DGIQ

In addition to having these four great customers at DGIQ this year, Alation is a platinum sponsor of the event. We’ll have a team on-site and encourage you to stop by our booth in the exhibit hall.

And don’t miss my demo presentation at the booth! In “The House of Data”, I’ll share a practical framework for data governance, sharing how catalog-led governance empowers data stewards to implement a data management system that addresses organizational needs (including data quality, privacy, compliance, security and DataOps – with an eye to enablement). This content is based on my data governance experience from the past 30 years, and it’s not merely a promotional pitch for the Alation Data Catalog.

Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced data professional, DGIQ offers informative sessions and tutorials for all levels of experience. The event will also have an abundance of networking opportunities, and you’ll have a chance to chat with our team and see Alation Data Catalog in action.

Learn more about DGIQ, check out the complete program, and register here.

We hope to see you in San Diego!

  • This, and More, at DGIQ
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