Press Release • October 18, 2022

Alation Partners with dbt Labs to Improve Trust and Provide Visibility into Data Transformations

Alation named a “Metrics Ready” Partner at dbt Labs Coalesce

Redwood City, Calif. – October 18, 2022 –  Alation Inc., the data intelligence company, announced a new partnership with dbt Labs, the pioneer in analytics engineering, to bring information about dbt models, tests, and metrics into Alation Data Catalog. Breaking down silos and providing greater visibility into data transformation increases data trust and data accuracy and improves the speed of data-driven decision-making. Additionally, Alation was named a “Metrics Ready” partner by dbt Labs at its annual conference, Coalesce, held October 17-21 in three regions across the world: New Orleans, London, and Sydney, as well as virtually.

“dbt Labs is pleased to name Alation a ‘Metrics Ready’ partner that empowers data analysts and engineers to better understand and trust data,” said Nikhil Kothari, Head of Technology Partnerships at dbt Labs. “Alation is a valued data catalog and data intelligence partner in the modern data stack that helps everyone in an organization find, understand, and trust data. By making information on dbt models and metrics visible in Alation, critical business context is now more readily accessible to all data consumers.”

dbt Labs and Alation play a central role in bringing the modern data stack to joint customers. More than 16,000 organizations and their data teams use dbt to transform, document, and test their data. The integration, powered by dbt metrics and Alation metadata API, will make rich sets of dbt model and metrics data available to users beyond data engineers, build trust in data, and enable the sharing of data intelligence. By integrating dbt model and metrics data into Alation Data Catalog, data becomes visible for teams who need to share their work, ultimately allowing data consumers to find, understand, and use trusted data.

By bringing this valuable information into Alation, customers will benefit from:

  • Data trust and visibility: Data analysts and engineers will have visibility into what transformation work has been done, increasing confidence that high-quality data is used properly.

  • Accurate and quicker time to insight: Data consumers can see dbt model and metric definitions to increase accuracy and accelerate decision-making.

  • Self-service capabilities: With transformation and metrics data visible in Alation Data Catalog, all data consumers in an organization can easily search for metrics and see the lineage for the models these metrics depend on without relying on data engineering teams.

“Our partnership between Alation and dbt Labs yields an incredibly powerful tool for any data user looking to improve data quality and make better decisions faster,” said Raj Gossain, Chief Product Officer at Alation. “We forged this strategic partnership to increase data intelligence across the modern data stack, making metadata about models and metrics visible, trusted, and usable to all joint Alation and dbt Labs customers. Together, we’re changing how data leaders and data consumers collaborate by increasing visibility, trust, and accuracy for more people across organizations.”

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