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Alation Cloud Service

Data intelligence made simple

Alation Data Catalog. Now available as a cloud service.

Hundreds of organizations use the Alation Data Catalog to power data intelligence across their hybrid cloud environments. With the introduction of Alation Cloud Service, organizations now have a choice. Manage the data catalog on your own, anywhere. Or have it done for you, in the cloud.

Alation Cloud Service Data intelligence, as a service

Data intelligence, as a service

Finding and governing data is difficult enough when it’s sitting in a single repository. In most enterprises, data is spread across multiple on-premises systems and one or more public clouds. Powered by the industry’s broadest and deepest connectivity, Alation Data Catalog drives data intelligence use cases across organization’s de facto hybrid cloud environments. Alation’s cloud offering delivers these same benefits, now available as a service.

Faster time to value

Fast and continuous delivery of product innovations is the norm for cloud offerings. With Alation Cloud Service, catalog upgrades and patches are issued CI/CD-style – ensuring customers reap the benefits of new features just as quickly as they’re made available.

Alation Cloud Service Faster Time to Value

“Migrating to ACS has enabled me to better drive adoption. Before, managing Alation on-premises took up much of my time. Now, with Alation Cloud Service handling all the administrative and IT tasks, I can focus on curation events, gamification, and teaching more people how to use the platform.”

Anthony Seraphim, VP of Data Governance, Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Alation Cloud Service no administration overhead

No administrative overhead

Alation Data Catalog has always been simple to use and simple to manage. The cloud service takes it a step further. Upgrades, ongoing administration, disaster recovery. It’s all handled for you, letting you focus entirely on getting business value from the data catalog.

Fit for enterprise

Boasting enterprise-grade security and a cloud-native architecture, Alation is built to meet the needs of the largest and most demanding organizations. Alation Cloud Service additionally leverages availability zones and other mission-critical capabilities from our cloud provider. This ensures the catalog remains a mission-critical foundation for data intelligence even, and especially, in the cloud.

Alation Cloud Service Fit for enterprise

What is a Data Catalog? One Place to Find, Understand, & Govern Data From Across an Enterprise.