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Maximize your AI potential with Alation and Snowflake

From data modernization and AI readiness to award-winning governance in the AI Data Cloud!

Alation integrates with Snowflake Horizon to help customers find, understand, and trust their most critical data assets.


Intelligence in the AI Data Cloud

400+ joint customers build their data culture and improve data-driven decision-making with Alation and Snowflake. Our platform empowers leaders to accelerate data migration, minimize risk with active data governance, and deliver self-service to support smarter, broader use of the AI Data Cloud.

Alation Active Data Governance Policy Center

Automate policies at scale

Use Alation’s Policy Center to automate policy enforcement across all Snowflake data. Curate and manage all policies in one place for complete visibility. Apply policies to new data in Snowflake directly from Alation for end-to-end control. Ensure only the right people will see the right data.

Streamline data classification

Alation ingests, applies, updates, and synchronizes Snowflake Object Tags. Makes it easy to find, protect and apply governance policies with tagged Snowflake data . Comply with data regulations, reduce risk, and activate metadata for better decision-making.

Alation Data Quality Management Solution showcasing how you can take action quickly

Interactive lineage

Automate column-level lineage to understand data relationships with Snowflake at a deeper level. Easily visualize data problems with bold red lines. Drill down into what data is affected by upstream changes and who is impacted by them. Save your team time and stress.

Alation Data Catalog intelligent SQL editor

Smarter SQL for everyone

Get compliance guidance (and visibility into the best data) as you query. Alation's Intelligent SQL Editor enables everyone to self-serve without experts. Schedule Snowflake queries to run later, and publish them back to the catalog for others to share and reuse.

DQ Metrics Integration

Integrated data quality metrics

Snowflake and Alation offer an integrated solution to proactively detect and address data quality issues, including data metric functions, policies, and overall data health. Aligned tightly with Snowflake Horizon, Alation helps Snowflake customers understand key data quality metrics and deliver AI-ready data.

Optimize your Snowflake costs

Peak Performance is a Snowflake Native App from our partner Spreems that optimizes Snowflake costs and workloads. As part of your data modernization program, Peak Performance delivers comprehensive data intelligence that improves Snowflake credit consumption, storage, and query efficiency.

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Alation Cloud Service for Snowflake is a great option for any enterprise beginning their data cataloging journey. Alation's deep data governance integration with Snowflake and self-service analytics capabilities, makes it fast and easy to use and govern critical data stored in the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Sunny Bedi

CIO and CDO, Snowflake

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Alation is a critical technology partner in Snowflake's ecosystem. The platform enables our customers to find and access trusted, governed data in Snowflake, which in-turn drive adoption and usage of Snowflake Data Cloud.

Tarik Dwiek

Directory Technology Alliances, Snowflake

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The combination of Alation’s Active Data Governance and Snowflake’s Data Cloud is game-changing.

Anthony Seraphim

VP of Data Governance, Texas Mutual

Drive data modernization with Alation + Snowflake

Assess your data landscape and identify the most valuable data to migrate first. Understand dependencies so data moves safely with agile governance. Keep users in the loop throughout your data modernization journey.