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Alation + Snowflake

Alation allows users to find the best data to analyze in Snowflake cloud platform to make better business decisions

The Value of Our Partnership

  • Use Alation to find the best data for fast queries in Snowflake
  • Use Alation to identify the priority data for cloud data migration to Snowflake
  • Use Alation to understand what users are querying, to tune Snowflake for ultra performance
Whether companies are in the midst of a cloud migration project or already cloud-native, we’re thrilled to partner with Snowflake to ensure that data users have a simple way to find, understand and trust their data, wherever it may live.
Kiran Narsu
Vice President Business Development at Alation

Customers are Seeing Success with Alation + Snowflake

Additional Resources

Alation announced having achieved Elite status within the Snowflake Partner Network. Read our blog to understand to full extent of this partnership and the value it brings to Snowflake and Alation customers.

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