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Alation Connected Sheets

Connect your Spreadsheets to Trusted Data

Introducing Connected Sheets

Spreadsheets are the dark matter of the data universe. Disconnected from data’s source, they perpetuate the problem of people working in silos. With Alation Connected Sheets users can pull trusted, governed, and accurate data into spreadsheets directly. And spreadsheet users no longer need to copy/paste or export data from other tools, nor rely on data teams for clean, up-to-date data.

Make Spreadsheets Trustworthy

a laptop displaying Alation's catalog

Connect straight to the source

Work natively in spreadsheets, with the best data, easily. Pull data from true data sources (like a data warehouse), directly into spreadsheets. Simply find, select, and filter the right data and import it instantly. Avoid the need to copy/paste data manually or export it from another application.

Boost efficiency and accuracy with self-service

Do you often depend on or wait for technical resources for trusted data? With Connected Sheets you can pull clean, relevant data into a spreadsheet in just a few clicks. You can even schedule data to automatically refresh, so that when the underlying data source changes, your spreadsheet remains accurate.

a laptop displaying an Alation connected sheet
a laptop displaying the Alation catalog

Reduce risk with governed data

Trust the data, trust the analysis. Gain context about how data is gathered, understood, and used with Alation’s unique governance features. See if it’s subject to data policies or regulations before using it. Feel confident in knowing only authorized people can access and reuse sensitive data.