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What’s New in Alation 2021.2?

Released 5/2021


New capabilities in Alation 2021.2 include: enhancements to Alation Search, new visualizations for catalog analytics, additional connectors & version certifications, and more. You can learn more about the new features in Alation 2021.2 at Alation University.

Data Domain Search in Alation 2021.1

Enhancements to Search

Alation’s industry-leading search just got better. Search results can now be shown in a condensed table view, providing more results at a glance alongside the metadata you’re most interested in. Quality flags now influence search rankings, bringing only the best and most useful results to the top of the list. To top it off, you can now search against a wider range of metadata, including source comments and quality descriptions. Check out the blog to learn more.
Search API  in Alation 2021.1

More Out-of-Box Visualizations for Catalog Analytics

In prior releases, we’ve added several out of box visualizations to more quickly determine how Alation Data Catalog is used. In 2021.2, we’ve added a brand new visualization for “top search terms”, showing what users are trying to find. Admins also now have the option to embed custom visualizations from third party tools, like Tableau, right alongside Alation’s out of box charts. Check out the blog to learn more.

Open Connector Framework  in Alation 2021.1

New Connectors and Version Certifications

In 2021.2, we’ve added a connector for MarkLogic and included version certifications for numerous cloud, SQL, and BI data sources.