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What’s New in Alation 2020.3?

Released 8/2020


Learn about what’s in our latest release. Alation 2020.3 features a brand new user experience and shift to cloud native architecture. You can learn more about the new features in Alation 2020.3 at Alation University.

Fresh New Design

Alation has completely reimagined what a modern data catalog should look and feel like. With a consumer grade UI, Alation has become more inviting, especially for business users. Have full control over branding Alation with your logo, color scheme and tagline to make it your own.

Our powerful Search bar is now front and center of the homepage. We have also improved our keyword matching to make it even quicker and easier to find data. Improved faceted search functionality makes it easier to drill down to relevant data you need. All of this will help to drive your data catalog adoption.

Enhanced Analytics

Powered by Alation Analytics, we’ve made major improvements to be able to analyze your data catalog usage. First, we’ve added a new Enhanced Analytics dashboard with out-of-the-box metrics including Unique Active Users, Total Catalog Views and Query Executions. This dashboard will help you to measure and track usage and adoption, in order to accelerate a data-driven culture. Additionally, our new schema can be used for advanced custom reporting that runs much faster.

Shift to Cloud-Native Architecture

Starting in 2020.3, Alation will support containerizing different parts of the product and enable hosting it on the cloud. The first service to take advantage of this new cloud-native infrastructure is Alation Analytics. In future releases, we will expand this capability to other services. By isolating services from the main production server which hosts the Alation Data Catalog, you will be able to increase the scale, performance and flexibility of your Alation deployment.

Test Patches and Upgrades with Alation Sandbox

Alation Sandbox is a complimentary software developed by Alation, designed to test upgrades to new or patch releases before they are applied to the Production environment. Alation Sandbox can be used to automatically create an Alation instance using a backup of the production instance and to automatically upgrade it to a newer version. The key benefits of using Alation Sandbox is the ability to find and resolve issues of new software before pushing to production and making the upgrade process quicker and more seamless.

Automated End-to-End Cross Source Lineage

Lineage is critical to understand the relationships between data. In this release, through a partner integration with Manta, we now enable automated end-to-end cross source lineage including ETL, column-level lineage and detailed data flow objects with transformation logic and descriptions. This greatly enhances your ability to perform impact analysis and data governance. You can read more about our partnership with Manta here.

New Certified Connectors

One of Alations’ core pillars is broad and deep connectivity to different data sources. This is what makes a leading enterprise metadata management platform useful.

In 2020.3 we have added eight new sources, including:

  • NoSQL: MongoDB Atlas
  • BI/Viz: Power BI and Looker
  • Cloud: Amazon Athena