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The Platform for Data Intelligence

From Data Catalog to Platform for Data Intelligence

The Catalog is the Platform

Alation provides an open and intelligent platform that supports a wide variety of metadata management applications from search & discovery to data governance to digital transformation.

A broad range of functionality

A data catalog platform needs to provide a broad set of integrated services to support a variety of metadata-related applications. Alation provides everything you need, from data search & discovery to crowdsourcing and collaboration to policies and workflows to provide one platform that supports the broadest set of application requirements.

The Behavioral Analysis Engine (BAE)

The brains at the center of the Alation enterprise Data Catalog is the Behavioral Analysis Engine (BAE). The BAE improves virtually all areas of the platform with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Discovery is enhanced through natural language and popularity-driven relevancy rankings. Stewardship is streamlined with emphasis on the most active data sets in empirical usage. Governance is surfaced in-workflow through flags and suggestions about the relevant policies governing data assets.

The modern architecture

Alation is built using a state-of-the-art, containerized architecture that drives security, performance, and flexibility. Alation plays an integral part in enterprise compliance and security objectives, and delivers rapid onboarding of data sources, faster time to insight, and high-performance semantic search of data across a wide range of databases, NoSQL, and cloud data sources. Alation provides the flexibility to run custom reporting on user behavior to understand how data is being used and enforce governance with Alation Analytics.

Flexible deployment: from multi-cloud to on-premise and everything in between

Alation’s architecture makes it easy for you to deploy the cloud platform no matter where your enterprise data resides. Alation supports all deployments — on-prem and private, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments — to meet your business needs. With the introduction of Alation Cloud Service, organizations now have a choice. Manage the data catalog on your own, anywhere. Or have it done for you, in the cloud.

Alation is Committed to Platform Openness

Organizations need to quickly integrate data solutions. Alation ensures the data catalog can acquire and share information with other systems. Alation’s Open Data Quality Initiative provides vendors, partners, and customers with a data-quality starter kit. Enterprises can also bring the analytics to the data by embedding Tableau within Alation, leveraging the platform’s Open Connector SDK.

Alation ecosystem

Alation maximizes the value of your data intelligence. Access a rich ecosystem of data science, visualization, and cloud platform partner tools. Alation provides a single source of truth for search and discovery across the enterprise. Govern data with a people-first approach. Catalyze analyst productivity with partners that include Snowflake, Tableau, AWS, and more.

Data has become an extremely powerful currency for any company, and what we were finding is the data was very fragmented.

Julie Schiffman
VP Business Analytics, Pfizer

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