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Evolving Government: Leveraging a Data Catalog for a Data-Driven Public Sector

Public sector organizations must harness the power of data to deliver better outcomes for citizens. In this white paper, learn how leading organizations use a data catalog to achieve this mission.

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Public Sector agencies are recognizing the importance of being data-driven. Learn how they leverage the vast amounts of data they receive.

Government organizations are looking to data catalogs to manage increasing volumes of data, empower more people to access relevant data, and ensure the security of private data. 

Download this white paper to learn how data catalogs:

  • Play a crucial role by providing a centralized and organized view of data assets, enabling transparency, collaboration, and compliance.
  • Help agencies find, understand, and share data, leading to better data management and data-driven decision-making
  • Improve efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness in the public sector

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