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The Alation State of Data Culture Report - Q1 2021

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Latest report examines obstacles preventing AI adoption, including data quality and inherent bias issues.

The Q1 2021 Alation State of Data Culture Report reveals progress into enterprise-level data culture initiatives. The majority of data professionals surveyed (87%) are concerned about data quality issues affecting AI performance. 

Also included within is the Data Culture Index (DCI), a metric that measures an organization's fitness to enable data-driven decision making. Enterprises are scored by their adoption of three pillar disciplines of data culture: data search & discovery, data literacy, and data governance

Download the report to learn more about:

  • Why AI initiatives fail (plus tips on how to design for success) 

  • The link between top-tier data cultures and organizations exceeding revenue goals 

  • How companies with a top-tier data culture break down data silos with collaboration 

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