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The State of Data Culture Maturity: Research Report

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Global survey reveals surprising links. Unlock the secrets of data culture maturity with this groundbreaking research report from Alation.

Learn about the key pillars of data culture maturity, how they interlink, and which regions are leading the way. You’ll learn why a robust search foundation is pivotal for data culture maturity, as well as:

  • Governance's Evolution: Explore the shift in how data governance is valued and prioritized – from an exception to a necessity

  • Leadership Impact: Learn how strong data leadership directly correlates with revenue returns, shaping the future of successful data-driven enterprises

  • Top blockers: Become familiar with the key challenges data leaders in organizations face today

Don't miss out on the data-driven revolution! Read the report now for actionable insights that will transform your organization's approach to data culture. Also, make sure to watch our On-demand Webinar, 'The State Of Data Culture Maturity Today: Research Insights' to hear from Dr. Jonathan Reichental, founder, professor, and author of 'Data Governance for Dummies,' alongside Billy Tilson, Senior Director of Analytic Architecture at GoDaddy, and Julie Smith, Director of Data & Analytics at Alation as they unravel key insights from our research report.