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The State Of Data Culture Maturity Today: Research Insights

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Embark on a transformative exploration of data culture's pivotal role in unleashing the full potential of data. Join our on-demand webinar featuring Dr. Jonathan Reichental, founder, professor, and author of 'Data Governance for Dummies,' Billy Tilson, Senior Director of Analytic Architecture at GoDaddy, and Julie Smith, Director of Data & Analytics at Alation, as they delve into the key findings of our latest research report on data culture maturity.

This report reveals the critical importance of data leadership, data search & discovery, data literacy, and data governance for driving business value today.

What You’ll learn:

  • About the data governance gap, and what’s being done now versus later

  • The surprising link between data leadership and revenue returns today

  • Why powerful search & discovery is a key driver of success

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of an engaging and informative webinar that offers a roadmap for organizations seeking to enhance their data culture. Watch now to align your strategies with the future of data-driven success.