Webinar On-Demand

By the Numbers: Are Data & Analytics Pandemic-Proof?

Navigate the evolving landscape of data & analytics in the post-COVID world! Watch our on-demand webinar as Stewart Bond, Research Director at IDC, and Aaron Kalb, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Alation, explore the transformative effects of the pandemic on data governance.

What You'll Learn:

  • Insights from the latest research on data & analytics and data culture

  • How enterprises are adapting data governance strategies in response to COVID-19

  • Realities of business today and strategies for recovery

  • Stewart and Aaron dissect the latest data from IDC, Alation's State of Data Culture Report, software usage patterns, and the COVID-19 Catalog.

Don't miss out on understanding the profound shifts in data & analytics post-COVID. Watch now to stay ahead of the curve and drive recovery strategies! Watch now!