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Data Governance Takes a Village: So Why is Everyone Hiding?

“Data governance is the execution and enforcement of authority to improve the definition, production, and usage of the data.” 

The entire business community — not just your data experts — uses data. How do you build a “village” of stakeholders throughout the organization to execute a data governance program? And how can a data catalog accelerate adoption?

Hear Mary Williams, Head of Data Governance at Exact Sciences, and Bob Seiner, author of Non-Invasive Data Governance, along with governance experts Susannah Barnes and Curt McAdams, for Data Governance Takes a Village (So Why Is Everyone Hiding?).

In this fun, game show-themed webinar you'll learn:

  • The four simple questions to answer before launching a data governance program
  • Proving the value, building the case, and identifying the champions for data governance
  • The traits of “villages” that are receptive to cultural change
  • Using a library analogy to introduce a data catalog to your organization