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Emerging Trends in Data Architecture - What’s the Next Big Thing?

COVID-19 rattled the world, and that included the world of business. This year, enterprises with a strong data foundation adapted the fastest -- and even excelled. In most cases, solid data architecture was key. 

Data architecture informs intelligent data strategy, which links business goals to technology solutions. It also enables quick pivots when things change. In a world of increasing instability, what does a solid data architecture look like? What have we learned from the pandemic? And what trends can we expect this year? 

Donna Burbank is the Director of Global Strategy at Data Global Strategy Ltd, an international information management consulting company. She boasts 20+ years’ experience helping global organizations derive value from their data. Join Burbank, together with Ibby Rahmani, director of product marketing at Alation, to review the most popular trends in data architecture for 2021. 

What You'll Learn:

  • The top data-driven initiatives supporting business goals this year 

  • How COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation for distinct enterprises 

  • The role of data architecture in making data actionable and easier to understand 

  • How a “both/and” approach to data is broadening scope and functionality 

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