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Q&A with IDC’s Stewart Bond: Trends Shaping the Data Catalog Market — Now and Beyond

Watch guest speaker Stewart Bond, Vice President of IDC’s Data Integration and Intelligence Software service and the lead analyst of the Data Catalog Software Marketscape assessment and Mitesh Shah, Vice President, Product Marketing at Alation, participate in a live Q&A session.

So what makes a leading data catalog? And what should first-time buyers know about this market?

This is a great opportunity to hear Stewart’s thoughts on:

  • The future of data intelligence. A term first coined by IDC, data intelligence today is a key feature of the data catalog. Join Bond to learn how it powers the catalog.
  • The evolution of the data catalog market. What’s next for data catalogs and how will (and should) they be evaluated going forward?
  • Market trends. How do catalogs align with other trends, like the data control plane, data mesh, and data fabric?
  • Latest Data Catalog Vendor Assessment Results. Learn the factors impacting vendor placement and how to select a catalog in an increasingly crowded market.

Hear Stewart’s valuable insights on digital transformation!

Featured Speakers:

Mitesh Shah  Mitesh Shah
VP of Product Marketing, Alation
Stewart Bond Stewart Bond
 VP of Data Integration and Intelligence Software Service, IDC