Webinar On-Demand

Q&A with IDC’s Stewart Bond: Trends Shaping the Data Catalog Market — Now and Beyond

Unlock the secrets of the data catalog market with Stewart Bond, Vice President of IDC's Data Integration and Intelligence Software Service, and Mitesh Shah, Vice President of Product Marketing at Alation, in this illuminating live Q&A session.

Key Takeaways:

  • The future of data intelligence: Stewart delves into how data intelligence, a pivotal feature of modern data catalogs, drives their functionality.

  • The evolving data catalog market: Explore what lies ahead for data catalogs and how businesses should evaluate them in the future.

  • Market trends: Understand how data catalogs align with broader trends like the data control plane, data mesh, and data fabric.

  • Latest Data Catalog Vendor Assessment Results: Gain valuable insights into the factors influencing vendor placement and discover how to select the right catalog in a competitive market.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear Stewart's expert opinions on digital transformation and stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of data catalog solutions. Watch the Q&A session now!