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The Unstoppable Rise of the Data Catalog

There is a case to be made that the data catalog is the most important data management breakthrough to have emerged in the last decade.” *

In his report, From out of nowhere: the unstoppable rise of the data catalog, Matt Aslett, research director at 451 Research, writes about the rapid rise in adoption of data catalogs.  

Sparked by the challenges created by having data spread across multiple platforms and residing in multiple locations, data catalogs have become critical to a modern analytics stack. Now, data catalogs are a prerequisite for a functional data lake and a key enabler for more exploratory approaches to analytics.  

Subject matter experts—Matt Aslett and Aaron Kalb—discuss key functionalities of machine learning data catalogs, and lessons learnt from data catalog journeys of industry leaders.

Watch the webinar to learn how data catalogs drive successful business outcomes in a self-service analytics environment.

* 451 Research "From out of nowhere: the unstoppable rise of the data catalog" Analyst Report, Matt Aslett, October 10, 2018