Webinar On-Demand

The Speed of Self-Service + Trust in Data: Tableau and The Alation Data Catalog

Traditionally, self-service analytics and data governance have been at odds. The freedom to enable more people to visualize and analyze data has conflicted with the need to govern data. Either analytics becomes the Wild Wild West where insights are difficult to trust, or data is so tightly controlled that insights are few and far between.   In this webinar, learn how Tableau and the Alation Data Catalog work together to pair the speed of self-service with agile data governance, surfacing trusted data within the analysis workflow, and making it easy to make confident data-driven decisions. 

  • Learn how Alation and Tableau make it easy to find and understand relevant data

  • See agile governance in action with Alation and Tableau

  • Understand how endorsements, warnings, and deprecations can provide guardrails for analysis

Watch the webinar to learn how to build a data culture to drive greater value from data.