Using a Machine Learning Data Catalog to Reboot Data Governance

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GoDaddy doubles down on agile data governance with Alation’s Enterprise Data Catalog

Data governance is rapidly evolving from fundamental data management principles to effective democratization of data and analytics. It’s time to reboot traditional data governance with a machine learning data catalog

A machine learning data catalog “streamlines operationalizing compliance with data governance expectations,” notes industry expert, David Loshin. “Through interaction with humans, [a machine learning data catalog] can determine which data assets contain sensitive data that is subject to regulatory compliance.”  

In this white paper to learn:

  • Core requirements for operationalizing data governance

  • How robust data discovery, semantics, and data trust define new-age governance

  • The role of a machine learning data catalog in driving agile data governance at GoDaddy

Download the white paper authored by David Loshin now to learn how to build a comprehensive data governance strategy.