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Cloud Transformation

Reduce risks and optimize costs
to accelerate cloud transformation


Business needs are rapidly evolving. To keep pace with change and innovate at speed, enterprises are moving to the cloud. But moving to the cloud is not simple. Alation accelerates cloud transformation by reducing risks, improving cloud-cost optimization, and simplifying cloud-data governance. Get trusted insights into usage to drive cloud adoption at scale.

Accelerate Time to Market with a
Cloud-Enabled Data Catalog


Conduct deep impact analysis to proactively identify and mitigate risks of cloud migration. Capture and document changes to drive adoption.


Cultivate data literacy with a unified view of enterprise data and key context. Ensure compliance and gain a competitive edge with top-rated data governance.

Data strategy drives cloud strategy

Successful cloud strategies start with data. Before migration, leaders must identify which critical data assets to move. Alation supports hybrid, multi-cloud data strategies, providing enterprises with a single view of enterprise data across any location. Alation minimizes the risk of cloud migration while minimizing disruption to data consumers.

Deep impact analysis

How will moving applications and data to the cloud affect the business? Deep impact analysis predicts what you might expect, so you’re prepared. This feature helps organizations mitigate risks and optimize their cloud investment.


Actively Govern Cloud Data

Transitioning from on-premises to cloud changes how enterprise data is governed. Alation provides robust governance capabilities, inspired by the continuous improvement process and DevOps principles. These features transparently improve cloud data protection and cloud data quality. Alation takes you from policy creation to performance management non-invasively.

Alation is a lens into how the business uses data and it will create new ways in which we can actually use it.

Angela Fraga
Senior Business Intelligence Specialist, Belong

Creating a data-driven organization requires the ability to share tribal knowledge and support collaboration between the producers and the consumers of data and analytics.

– Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D
Intelligent Solution