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Alation and the CDMC

Data catalog capabilities help you better manage your cloud data


Cloud computing offers flexibility, efficiency, innovation… and challenges. Satisfying the Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) framework — and its key controls for protecting sensitive data — can be achieved with the Alation data catalog to accelerate your cloud implementation.

Secure Cloud Migration of Sensitive Data






The Industry Standard for Cloud Data Management

As organizations move private, critical data to the cloud, employees worldwide can innovate and collaborate with that data at scale. But how should they work with this data? What best practices should they follow to ensure this data is properly managed and protected? The Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) framework — building on the EDM Council’s highly regarded Data Management Capability Assessment Method (DCAM) — was created to answer these questions while guiding organizations in every industry to better manage sensitive data in the cloud.

CDMC Framework bubble for governance and accountability
Opened laptop screen displaying the CDMC Finance for Snowflake in Alation's Data Catalog

Unite Data and Eliminate Silos

Bring data together while reducing the risk of improper usage or inaccurate data. Active data governance with data discovery, roles, tagging, and analytics deiver the CDMC framework’s ownership, authoritative sources and distributors of data, data sovereignty, and cross-border movement. Create a single source of reference for all your analytics and data science projects.

Accelerate Cloud Migration

Migrate what matters with a platform that locates your most used — and useful — data. The data catalog establishes clear data labels and records of its movements, which is essential for both compliance and a faster migration.

Layers of file cabinets with only one of them opened
Group of business people's hands on top of a desk full of graphs, data sheets, and laptop

Drive Innovation & Collaboration

Drive data culture with a shared language and guidance at point of use. A data catalog not only identifies and labels sensitive assets — like PII and internally flagged data — it triggers workflows that deliver the CDMC capabilities that ensure that data is properly documented and can be put into action with automation.

Track and Understand Data Across Every System

To deliver compliance in the cloud requires accurate information on data, including its quality, archive and retention, lineage, and costs. The data catalog provides real-time information on your data and context and usage documentation to deliver CDMC capabilities that ensure data is fit for purpose including as cross border sovereignty and ownership.

alations data governance growth pattern
Partial shot of the globe with interconnecting lines representing a network

Automate Compliance at Scale

The CMDC framework’s security and data privacy controls — designed to prevent data loss and privacy breaches — are easily achievable with Alation’s robust compliance and secure-access features, like automatic identification of sensitive data, assignment of roles, documentation of privacy and security, and the enforcement of policies across complex environments.