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Cloud Data Migration

Extend business insights to cloud with easy cloud data migration


Cloud is quickly replacing on-premises as the default platform for managing data. Alation’s data catalog accelerates cloud data migration strategies through deep impact analysis of users and analytical processes, effective change management, and usage analysis to understand what data should or should not be moved — reducing the risks and costs of cloud migration.

Extend Your Insights to the Cloud



Perform impact analysis

Alation’s data catalog provides a holistic view of data lineage that enables impact analysis on the data sources involved in cloud migration. This impact analysis enables a deeper understanding of the effects of cloud migration on users, processes, and analytical applications to better support planning and mitigate risks.

Leverage usage insights

Alation delivers insights derived from usage patterns, like which data is actively used, which data is most-used, and what data assets might be related and relevant. This knowledge can ensure that only relevant data assets are moved, thus reducing cost and optimizing the new cloud data environment.

Provide a single view of data

Alation provides broad, deep connectivity and a consolidated view of hybrid, multi-cloud data assets, enabling enterprises to seamlessly access and analyze data from any location and any source.

We need a single touchpoint to find the right data and persons responsible, rather than spending 80% of time searching for data.

Andreas Hähre
PM Cloudbased Analytics Solutions – Vattenfall

Data catalogs are one of the brightest spots in analytics today... they are so much more than metadata.

– Claudia Imhoff
Internationally recognized expert on analytics and BI