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Data Engineers

Deliver data pipelines at the speed of business


As a data engineer, you are responsible for creating data products used in your organization. You acquire, clean, transform, and publish data to facilitate its use by other systems, applications, and people. Your job requires building trustworthy data pipelines to deliver value to the business while keeping pace with data source proliferation and quality that is often hard to ascertain.

How Alation Helps Data Engineers

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Deliver data products with confidence

Screenshot of Alation connecting and understanding source data

Connect and understand source data

Finding data for use in your pipelines has always been a complex matter. Alation lets you connect to sources across the enterprise and quickly discover relevant trusted data. Rapidly analyze source data using Alation’s intelligent SQL editor, Compose. Converse with experts using conversations and Alation Anywhere for Slack to leverage the most relevant data assets.

Prepare high-quality data

Understanding data quality is time-consuming and resource-intensive when done manually. Alation’s data health shows the current data quality based on the rules defined in external data quality and observability tools. Gain additional insights by using data profiling in Alation to help resolve and cleanse the data and make it ready for use.

Screenshot of Alation showcasing high-quality data
Screenshot of Alation's Intelligence SQL editor, Compose, validating and publishing data products.

Validate and publish data products

Testing data using Alation’s intelligent SQL editor, Compose, makes it easy to collaborate on validation queries and share the results with the data community in the data catalog. Data engineers can save time communicating testing outcomes and publishing data products faster.

Visualize and manage your data pipelines

Tracking transformations is vital to understanding how data changes as it moves through your pipeline. Proactively monitoring the pipelines to correct issues promptly is critical to having trusted data. Alation enables viewing the end-to-end lineage, including the data’s health and quality, which helps data engineers mitigate risk.

Screenshot of how Alation enables viewing the end-to-end of data lineage.
Screenshot of how in Alation, data engineers can provide tips on using data in articles to broaden self-service of the data and accelerate data-driven decisions.

Share knowledge

An organization’s data culture only grows when information is shared. In Alation, data engineers can provide tips on using data in articles to broaden self-service of the data and accelerate data-driven decisions. An upfront investment of time and effort delivers significant savings in supporting ongoing data use in the future.