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Data Policies

Effectively manage and communicate data policies


Alation’s Policy Center provides a single location for defining enterprise data policies and promoting agile approval workflows. The Alation platform facilitates collaboration among multiple stakeholders helping to operationalize policies and enable effective communication of policies to the business users within their day-to-day workflow.

Create, Manage, and Effectively Communicate Data Policies


Integrate policies directly into the workflow of data consumers to drive just-in-time engagement for successful policy adherence.


Foster an ethical data culture by providing the right people with access to the pertinent policy at the right time.


Automate data classification and tagging at scale and support multiple regulations from a single platform.


Engage line-of-business users to bring greater collaboration to defining policies, reducing disjointed policy creation and increasing business productivity.

Centralize and streamline policy management

Alation’s Policy Center provides a single location for defining enterprise data policies. The Policy Center facilitates agile approvals and provides a singular view of policies and how they impact data and data use throughout the organization.

Automatically tag data policies at scale

Alation automates the discovery of sensitive data, classification, and tagging of policies at scale, supporting the management of multiple regulations within a single platform.

Connect policy to action directly in workflow

Alation surfaces relevant policies at the time of data consumption and analysis, ensuring that data consumers are aware of the relevant policies and fostering a more ethical data culture.

Through Alation, we can tag at both table and column levels to identify GDPR related data objects.

Thomas Chong
Staff Data Governance Engineer – LogMeIn

Simply put, catalogs are indispensable tools in support of regulatory compliance and data-driven decision-making.

Andrew Brust
Research Director, GigaOm