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Alation + Databricks Partnership

Find, understand and trust your lakehouse data. Deliver data lakehouse success with visibility into your most trusted data.

Databricks 2023 Partner of the Year Award given to Alation

Deliver data lakehouse success

Empower every data consumer to find and utilize data in the lakehouse with confidence. Surface end to end lineage and guide compliant use with active data governance, building trust in data-driven decisions that drive the business.

Unity catalog integration

Zoom back – and grasp your entire data landscape – with Alation. Databricks Unity Catalog centralizes security, management, and metadata. As the catalog of catalogs, Alation enables you to see the whole picture. See all Databricks workspaces, source data systems, and analytics tools in one spot.

Self-Service Analytics finds expert top users

Migrate smarter and faster

Deliver a smooth, efficient lakehouse migration with visibility into your most valued data to migrate (and the experts best poised to ensure your success!) Surface useful analytics on human data usage and empower everyone to track your migration, leverage the lakehouse, and ensure project success.

Accelerate collaboration

Reveal the full picture of your data. Help data scientists and engineers collaborate at scale and deliver accurate results faster. Support access to experts and empower people with the data context. Enable the curious to explore with source-to-destination lineage, and better leverage BI and AI work.

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Riot Games is an engineering-first organization. Most of our Alation users are engineers, and a lot of them are building tables and data sets in Databricks.

Michael Leslie

Senior Data Architect, Riot Games

How does Alation work with Databricks?

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