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Alation + Databricks

Discover, trust, and unite data across your lakehouse and entire data estate. Maximize your AI potential and deliver data lakehouse success.

A screenshot of the Alation platform's Data Quality Processor page

Ensure AI Initiative Success

Build AI/ML models with governed, trusted data. Ensure data quality by visualizing Lakehouse Monitoring and other source metrics in Alation Data Health, leveraging the Alation Open Data Quality Framework. This gives data science and engineering teams peace of mind with safe, ethical, and compliant data usage in a rapidly-changing regulatory environment.

A One-Stop-Shop for Data

Give everyone a single view to all enterprise data–including Unity Catalog–for deeper insights and access controls to your Databricks environment and beyond. Alation is the “catalog of catalogs” in a data mesh architecture, enabling the delivery of data products in a data marketplace. Widen adoption with intelligent search and discovery of data assets for everyone.

A screenshot of the Alation platform displaying "Getting Started with Data"

Modernize Your Data and AI Stack

Speed cloud data migration and optimize workloads in Databricks by providing visibility and intelligence across all your legacy data assets and workloads to prioritize migration and ensure success.

Accelerate Collaboration

Help data scientists and engineers collaborate at scale and deliver models faster. Give the full picture of your data and AI models. Support access to experts and empower people with the data context and usage policies to reduce risk for AI model deployment. Provide traceability and transparency with end-to-end data lineage to build trust in model development and delivery.

Databricks 2023 Partner of the Year Award given to Alation

Trusted to govern your data stack

We know true lakehouse success comes from trusted, well governed, AI-ready data. It's why we've been awarded Data Governance Partner of the Year.

John (JW) Williams, Executive Director of Enterprise Data at RaceTrac

At RaceTrac … data is an enterprise-wide asset. By establishing a strong data governance program which provides a standard approach to processing, retrieving, archiving, and restoring data, the organization can not only make good decisions, but they can now make great decisions with a much higher confidence level.

John (JW) Williams

Executive Director of Enterprise Data at RaceTrac

Before Alation, it took data scientists 1 month to find the right data elements to use. With Alation, this time has been reduced to days or weeks.

Ming Yuan

AVP, Cloud & Analytics, Zurich

We plan to make Alation the cornerstone of our data governance efforts and to continue to drive efforts that maximize the return on our data across our systems, divisions, and regions.

Senior Director of Data Governance