Alation + AWS: Search, Discover, Query, and Govern Your Data Across Hybrid Architectures

By Kiran Narsu

Published on December 2, 2020

Alation Collaborates with AWS to Enhance Cloud Data Search & Discovery, Data Governance, and Migration

Alation Helps Users Navigate Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Today, Alation announced having achieved AWS Advanced Technology Partner status and is now available in AWS Marketplace. Our many joint customers have been using Alation with Amazon Web Services, including Amazon Redshift, EMR, S3, Glue, RDS, and Athena, to enable data search & discovery, run powerful queries, more efficiently migrate to a hybrid cloud, and ensure data governance.

Welcome to the Hybrid Cloud

Enterprises adopt AWS to have the best of both worlds: cloud and on-premises. Seamlessly managing and operating both cloud-based assets and on-premises data centers allows enterprises to meet the scalability and performance needs required to address today’s increasing demand for innovative and new cloud-based analytics and AI tools.

Hybrid architectures, by their nature, bring complexity, especially when it comes to trying to find and properly use data sources. How do I find relevant data? How do I know whether I can trust it? Is this data approved for use? These seemingly simple questions become much more complex when multiplied by the number of systems involved in hybrid environments. Then factor in disparate user types and groups, a myriad of rules for governing the usage of the data, and what you have is a compounded set of challenges.

Find, Understand, and Govern Data in AWS (And Beyond)

Alation provides deep and broad connectivity to the numerous AWS services and provides a central place for users to search, query, and govern data — even data sources and systems outside of your AWS ecosystem.

Using our modern, consumer-grade interface, Alation users can find and query key data assets across AWS hybrid architecture, thereby accelerating an organization’s time to insights. With Alation, AWS users can curate, govern, and understand context on data, and identify best practices to query data. Alation and AWS customers can benefit from reliable and flexible analytics that empower data users to spend more time deriving insights from data as opposed to searching for data on multiple infrastructures.

Why Alation and AWS

AWS Advanced Technology Partner status is the highest designation of AWS Technology Partners. The status is awarded to industry leaders that demonstrate significant investments in technical proficiency, proven experience building software solutions on AWS, and a track record of delivering excellent customer experiences. The availability of Alation in the AWS Marketplace allows for seamless deployment and billing experience for Alation customers running on AWS. To learn more about how AWS investments can benefit from Alation, schedule a demo with our partner team.

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