Data Brilliance at the Bay: Alation at Databricks Data + AI Summit 2023

By Matt Turner

Published on June 23, 2023

How does a lakehouse overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge sound? That’s going to be the view at the highly anticipated gathering of the global data, analytics, and AI community — Databricks Data + AI Summit — when it makes its grand return to San Francisco from June 26–29.

A partnership built brick by (Data)bricks

By sponsoring this event, Alation further solidifies its strengthened collaboration with Databricks. This enhanced partnership allows users to gain a deeper comprehension of their data environment, enabling them to observe the fundamental modifications and transformations within their data, ultimately empowering them with invaluable data intelligence.

And as the first data intelligence company available on Databricks Partner Connect, Alation offers Databricks Premium or Enterprise customers an effortless and risk-free opportunity to initiate a 14-day trial of Alation while seamlessly integrating it with their Databricks workspace. This trial period offers self-guided tours of invaluable insights on using Alation for Analysts (data search) and Lineage (data flow), enabling users to explore its capabilities and gain proficiency.

The combination of Databricks and Alation has led to success at companies like Riot Games, the maker of League of Legends and organizer of the most widely viewed esports tournament, where Alation empowers users to access and gain insights from data in their Databricks lakehouse.

Join us at Summit!

You can visit our booth (#529) to see a demo of how Databricks and Alation:

  • Enable transparency and confidence throughout the migration process

  • Foster seamless collaboration and cultivate a culture centered around data

  • Preserve data integrity at every stage of its lifecycle

Read on to learn about the sessions describing Alation’s important role in leveraging the Lakehouse with fast access to trusted data — as well as an event that features a more literal kind of “cloud.” We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Who: Sarah Pollitt, group product manager at Matillion When: Wednesday, June 28, at 12:30 p.m.

There are countless paths to the lakehouse — but you don’t want to get lost along the way. In this session, Sarah Pollitt, the group product manager for ETL at Matillion, will delve into the capabilities of Matillion for loading data from renowned sources like Salesforce, SAP, and a wide range of prebuilt connectors into your data lakehouse.

She will demonstrate how you can efficiently transform this data using robust tools like Matillion or dbt, as well as custom notebooks, to extract valuable insights. Additionally, she will explore how to implement streaming pipelines to ensure real-time data processing, and she will highlight how her team uses popular governance tools like Alation for effective data extraction and management, ensuring compliance and maintaining data quality.

Who: Raghu Jayachandran, senior manager, enterprise data at RaceTrac Inc. When: Thursday, June 29, at 11:30 p.m.

Just having data doesn’t mean your organization is equipped to make critical data-driven decisions. Is your data accurate and trusted? Easy to access?

As enterprises increasingly seek to adopt a data culture, there is an increasing demand from business users for real-time, actionable data. RaceTrac is a chain of gas stations and convenience stores across the Southern United States that’s also Georgia’s third-largest private company. Needless to say, they produce a wealth of data. But it took RaceTrac’s internal data teams up to a full day to access point-of-sale data. They also encountered numerous challenges related to data accessibility while attempting to gain insights from its retail transaction data, including store data, fuel purchasing information, and fleet delivery data.

Join this session to learn how RaceTrac overcame these data accessibility hurdles by harnessing the power of the Databricks Lakehouse and leveraged the lineage and self-discovery capabilities of the Alation Data Intelligence Platform. This combination enabled RaceTrac to meet the challenge head-on and derive valuable intelligence from its data.

A high-in-the-sky happy hour

View, food, and drinks

We’re also going to elevate the party atmosphere — literally! In collaboration with Matillion, Koantek, and Sigma, we’re thrilled to present “Cocktails in the Cloud,” a private gathering for esteemed attendees at The View Lounge, known for its breathtaking panoramic vistas. Mingle with your peers over crafted cocktails and small plates. Attendance is limited, so register your interest now!

Building a better data future

At last year’s Summit we were buzzing about the release of Databricks Unity Catalog, which amplified our existing Databricks integration and optimized the modern data stack. This year, amidst the surging adoption of AI, we anticipate a host of groundbreaking announcements and innovations, and Alation stands poised to play a pivotal role in the midst of this transformative wave.

Attending Databricks Data+AI Summit? Learn more about our partnership with Databricks and our extended connectivity for Databricks Unity Catalog.

  • A partnership built brick by (Data)bricks
  • Join us at Summit!
  • A high-in-the-sky happy hour
  • Building a better data future
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