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From out of nowhere: the unstoppable rise of the data catalog

451 Research asks the question "Could the data catalog be the most important data management breakthrough to have emerged in the last decade?" Download your report today to learn more.

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Data catalogs emerge as key enabler for modern analytics and prerequisite for a functional data lake  

Could the data catalog be the most important breakthrough in analytics to have emerged in the last decade? Analyst Matt Aslett makes a strong case for data catalog adoption and shines a light on the growing importance of data catalogs for enabling modern analytics architecture.

 “Data catalogs have become key components of data governance, master data management, self-service analytics and self-service data preparation offerings,” notes Aslett. “They also help support the identification and discovery of data to fuel machine learning and other data science projects.”

Download this research report to learn:.

  • About the unprecedented rise of the enterprise data catalog
  • The important components of a data catalog
  • Popular use cases supported by a data catalog
  • Emerging trends around their usage

The trends indicate that the adoption of data catalogs is expected to mature rapidly.  Download the complete research report here.